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== Updated at: ==         
== Updated at: ==         
     Last Updated: 22 February 2016 @ 23:54
     Last Updated: 22 February 2016 @ 23:54
== Speed Limits; General Signage Guidance ==
Many areas might have sections of a road in which a lower speed is recommended. Examples of this include curves, sharp turns, complex four way intersections, industrial zones etc. These advisories on yellow signs, usually show what type of advisory it is.
Figure 1 shows a legal DOT enforceable speed limit. These are usually on white signs and are the only things to be added to the road for it's speed.
[[File:Speed limit.png|thumbnail|Figure 1]]
Figure 2 shows a common advisory sign. This would be located before a sharp curve and can be accompanied by the sharp curve arrow instead. This type of speed limit is to be '''ignored''' for the purposes of adding speed limits.
[[File:Advisory Curve.png|thumbnail|Figure 2]]
The US guidelines for speed limits follow what is posted on the legal speed limit signs. (White or otherwise noted)
Advisory signage is to be '''ignored''' for the purposes of inputting speed limits.
School zones are also to be '''ignored''', as they are only active for short amounts of time throughout the day.

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Williamsburg/James City County Speed Limit Project

         City of Williamsburg: ~90% overall (98% Secondary)
         County of James City: ~70% overall (98% Secondary)
       Italics-Pending Completion
    Speed Limit Additions Required:
         Major Highway:
              York St-WJCC
              Pocahontas Trl-WJCC
         Minor Highway
              Lafayette St-Williamsburg
         Primary Street
              York Street-Williamsburg
              Colonial National Historic Pkwy-WJCC

Isle of Wight County/Surry County Speed Limit Project

         Incorporated Township of Surry: 100% Overall (100% Secondary)
         Incorporated Township of Smithfield: 90% overall (100% secondary)
         Census Designated Rushmere: 100% Overall (100% Secondary)
         Census Designated Benns Church: Pending
         Census Designated Carrollton: Pending
         County of Isle of Wight: 50% Overall

Smudge Patrol

         CDP Scotland: 100% Completed
         CDP Rushmere: >75% Completed
         CDP Benns Church: Unknown
         CDP Carrollton: Unknown
         Town of Windsor: <75% Completed
         Town of Wakefield: ~75% Completed
         Town of Ivor: ~75% Completed
         Town of Smithfield: >75% Completed
         Town of Dendron: Unknown
         Town of Surry: Unknown
         Town of Sedley: Unknown
         Town of Dendron: 100% Completed
         Town of Wakefield: 100% Completed
         City of Williamsburg: >75% Completed

Updates/To-Do List

  Williamsburg City/York Co./James City Co. Updates Required
         Colonial National Historic Parkway: 
              Unlock Required-False Restrictions: 
                   Permalink Cited: https://goo.gl/sRTmTv
         Colonial National Historic Parkway @ W Queens Dr:
              At-Grade-Connector Requiring Assessment
                   Permalink Cited: https://goo.gl/t1nsl1
    Isle of Wight Co. Updates
         Carrollton @ Benns Church @ Smithfield
              Supervisor Required: Possible City Layer Smudging

Updated at:

    Last Updated: 22 February 2016 @ 23:54