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Wazebot is an automated chat bot for use in the Waze Discord servers and Google Hangouts chats. This is not to be confused with "WazeBot" which is part of the "Feed the Waze" project.

This page discusses the details for the Discord version of the bot. For more details on the Google Hangouts bot, see the Wazebot external page.


Role Syncing

Wazebot can sync your roles across the regional Discord servers. A limited number of roles are set by the bot for security reasons; others must be set manually and are not synced automatically. The table below gives the available roles and the permission required to set them. For example, the L6 role can only be given by champs, and only when the command is used in the national server.

Role Bot Command Role Required
Country Manager (CM) !cm @username CM or above
State Manager (SM) !sm @username SM or above
Large Area Manager (LAM) !lam @username SM or above
Area Manager (AM) !am @username SM or above
Mentor !mentor @username SM or above
Region-specific !region @username SM or above
Level 6 (L6) !l6 @username Champ in national server
Level 5 (L5) !l5 @username SM or above
Level 4 (L4) !l4 @username SM or above
Level 3 (L3) !l3 Anyone (role is assigned to command user)
Level 2 (L2) !l2 Anyone (role is assigned to command user)
Level 1 (L1) !l1 Anyone (role is assigned to command user)



You can search for glossary terms with the command !glossary, using the format !glossary search term.


Some channels may have a linked Google Spreadsheet. If your channel does, you can search it using !lookup. An example command is !lookup search term.


An autoreply is a message that the bot will reply with automatically when a certain phrase is said in chat. Autoreplies can be created at the channel, server, or global levels. The syntax is by nature somewhat convoluted due to the features provided.

Channel and server autoreplies can be set by SM+, and global autoreplies can be set in the national server by champs.

Here's an example command:

!autoreplies add guild testing This is a test.

Getting IDs

Several bot commands use either channel or server IDs to identify those channels or servers. Getting these IDs is relatively straightforward. Navigate to the channel or server that you want the ID for, and look at the URL of the page. For example, the #michigan channel in the GLR server has this URL:


In all URLs, the first large number is the server ID and the second number is the channel ID. In this example, the server ID is 299563059695976451, and the channel ID is 299567520652853248.

Alternatively, you can use the command !whereami and the bot will give you these IDs.


The bot's identifier is WazeBot#1984, and its internal ID is 299667737368592385. It is written in C# and runs on .NET Core. Source code is available on GitHub. Core functionality is provided by Discord.Net. Contact vaindil (vaindil#2314 on Discord) with any questions or issues.