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General DOT Maps

Wisconsin State Highway Map (just like the folding paper one.)
State Trunk Highway Maps
County Maps: These show the routes of all county, state, and federal highways, including city/town boundaries.

Functional Classification Road Maps

WI DOT Functional Classification Road Maps

If the links are not working in your browser, an FTP client will work if you use the following:
  • Site: ftp.dot.wi.gov
  • Default Directory: /dtim/bop/functional

*NEW* Please check below for known, more current FC maps than those in the DOT's FTP server!

GIS Maps by County

Known Functional Classification maps that are newer than those on the state DOT's FTP server can be found in the (FC) links.
State Map

Tips for using GIS Maps

  • For maps hosted with WG Xtreme, using the "Advanced Map" tab, you can turn off plot labels to clear up street names (if they are in the way of road names)


  1. This map was approved by the MPO Policy Board on December 3, 2014. Source: Brown County Transportation Department
  2. This GIS map will not work at high resolutions. You may need to downsize your browser in order to view this map
  3. After the disclaimer page, click 'Main'