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In the dashboard ( and on the scoreboard under 'My Waze' in the waze application, you can see your points and rank. You'll be able to follow your progress and driving activity inside Waze. Each field represents a different type of your activity inside Waze. Every night our system will calculate all the points that you accumulated in all the different fields through the day. The system will then allocate you in your new position inside the rank table. Your rank can change on a daily basis.

NOTE: occasionally our system has some delays with updating the points. If you think the points have not updated properly, it's worth checking our status page - - to make sure that there are no current issues with the points system.


How are points calculated?

Forum posts = 0.64 for post Map edits = 1.6 per edit Record new roads = 0.04 per meter [NOTE - the points for new roads are added to your account only after they are processed and the new roads are accepted. If you are recording roads over existing ones, you will not get any points] Cookie munching roads = 0.01 per meter Regular (existing) roads = 0.0032 per meter Solve update requests = 3 points per each update request that you close Send a new alert = 6 points per alert [NOTE - chit chat and ping alerts are 0 points] Comment on an existing alert = 3 points per comment Give a new street name = 3 points [NOTE - will only apply for streets that did not have a name before] Road goodies = face value (goodies are usually worth between 3-10 points) [NOTE - goodies are not always available. Follow our blog to find out when we have special campaigns and road goodies]