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ClosureMonitor (CM) is a system created by Timbones, developed to automatically add closures to Waze based on information from a data feed, it will also remove those closures if the data feed shows they open early. The benefit being that even scheduled closures can have a delayed start, end early or, heaven forbid, overrun. When the roads in question are part of the motorway and A-road network, even a few minutes either way can affect a large number of road users.

The CM system is overseen by the UK Local Champs and UK Country Admins.

How it works

The data feed needs to provide start date / time, end date / time, geolocation (preferably a polyline) of the affected road. CM will translate this information to match WME segment data.

If closure includes segments that have never been closed before CM will flag the closure for manual confirmation. A Country Manager will check the suggested segments match the intended closure and apply the closure which will include a unique reference. CM will then remember the matches between the feed data and WME data, any future closures affecting the same lengths of road can be applied automatically.

CM has the ability to extend automatic closures and remove all monitored closures based on the feed information. If changes to segments are made in WME that affect the matching process of CM the closure will once again be flagged for manual review.

The full automation only works on the Highways England data feed due to the high confidence in the information provided.

UR highlighting

CM will also make note of any URs raised within a given area through the duration of the closure. These can then be reviewed and actioned by the Country Managers each day.

If you have an questions on ClosureMonitor, possible errors in closures, or even want to suggest a new data feed, make a post in the dedicated forum thread.

Data feeds

Highways England

Highways England are responsible for motorways and major A-roads in England. This is the original feed that CM was designed to use, you confirm which roads are managed by HE on the published network map.

Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) are responsible for the London Road Network, more commonly know as Red Routes. You can confirm TfL incidents on the traffic status page, be aware that the highlighted affected areas include roads that may experience congestion due to the incident and not just the actual closure.

All TfL closures are added manually due to the limited accuracy of the data supplied. ‘’CM’’ will ‘’’not’’’ amend these closures but ‘’’will’’’ remove them


One.Network, formally, is a consolidated source of roadworks, closures and incidents as supplied by Local Authorities (LAs) and utility companies across the UK. One.Network does not create the information in the feed, and details can vary wildly in accuracy depending on the LA providing the information. CM currently only lists a limited set of closures such as higher classified roads and emergency closures.

All One.Network closures are added manually due to the limited accuracy of the data supplied. ‘’CM’’ will ‘’’not’’’ amend these closures but ‘’’will’’’ remove them