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Self-Management Policy

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'''''Preamble - to be added when posting in the forum'''''
Now that the UK has been a self-managed country for a while, we feel that it is time we had a formal UK Self-Management Statement. This will let you know how we are trying to manage the UK community.
We are not here to control the UK community, but to lead it on your behalf. We cannot implement policies like this without the agreement and involvement of the UK community, so we want to hear your views on this subject.
on behalf of the UK Country Administrators (with link)
== Introduction ==
There is no automatic addition to the CA team and there are no "milestones" you have to reach. Should you show sufficient experience, maturity & involvement with the UK editing community, we may invite you to join.
=== What The UK Community Expects From You ===
* All editors should be familiar with the best map editing practices as laid out in the UK and Main Wikis.
* The more experienced editors spend a lot of effort attempting to help new editors. Please show them the respect of listening to their advice and trying to learn from it.
==== Area Managers ====
As well as the above, AMs are expected to:
* act as a mentor to other editors, offering advice & support through the forums & PMs
==== Country Managers ====
A CM (as distinct from a Country Administrator) is an AM who has reached level 5 '''and''' been granted editing rights for the whole country. This is an important responsibility and should not be taken lightly. In addition to the above points, CMs should:
* deal with unlock requests and, when not fixing, review & re-lock (if necessary) the segments that were unlocked
=== What You Can Expect From Us ===
==== Area Manager Requests ====
We will try to deal with AM requests as promptly as we can. We will apply the standards posted on the [ AM Applications] topic on the forum.
==== CM, L5, L6 Promotions ====
These are no longer automatically applied by Waze HQ. All requests for country-wide rights or promotion beyond level 4 are now passed to the CAs. We will expect the requirements above to be fulfilled. In particular, country-wide editing rights and/or level 5 will <u>not</u> be granted unless we are happy that your editing is of the highest standard. Level 6 in the UK is reserved for CAs.
Note that, whilst we will generally follow the global Waze requirements as to number of edits required for promotion we may, in exceptional circumstances, promote editors who have <u>not</u> reached the required number of edits.
==== Dealing With Problem Editors ====
It is our responsibility to deal with editors whose standard does not meet best practice. If you are concerned about an editor it is best to contact us privately - it is rarely productive to start complaining in public.
'''Any mass-editing for the purpose of gaining points will lead to a reduction in editing rank and/or removal of AM/CM editing rights.'''
==== Formulating UK Policies ====
We are responsible for creating and enforcing UK editing & conduct policies - such as this document. In formulating UK Policies, we are guided by global Waze practices and <u>your</u> views. We will always ensure that public discussion and consultation takes place before implementing any such policy.
==== Maintaining The UK Wiki ====
We are responsible for maintaining the UK Wiki and approving changes, although we welcome contributions from all. If you feel that something needs changing or adding, it must be discussed & agreed publicly first.
==== High-level Interaction with the Global Waze Community ====
With most of us being experienced Global Champs, we are constantly involved in discussions with the Waze community and Waze HQ. We make sure we are aware of the specific concerns of the UK community and that these views are represented at the highest level.
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