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Self-Management Policy

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Promotions: Corrected promotion statement to reflect actual situation regarding all promotions above L2.
=== Area Manager Requests ===
We will try to deal with AM requests as promptly as we can. We will apply the standards posted on the [ AM Applications] topic on the forum.
=== CM, L5, L6 Rank Promotions ===
These are no longer automatically applied by Waze HQ. All requests for country-wide rights or promotion beyond level 4 2 are now passed to the CAs. We will expect the requirements above to be fulfilled. In particular, country-wide editing rights and/or level 5 will <u>not</u> be granted unless we are happy that your editing is of the highest standard. Level 6 in the UK is reserved for CAs.
Note that, whilst we will generally follow the global Waze requirements as to number of edits required for promotion we may, in exceptional circumstances, promote editors who have <u>not</u> reached the required number of edits.
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