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===Level 5===
====Junction Boxes====
*'''Location:''' Within the [[File:DrawRoads.jpg|frameless|alt=add road]] menu.
===Level 4===
====Snapshot mode====
*'''Location:''' Top left of WME window, above the user profile.
*'''Function:''' Adds a new name to the City database.
====Routing option====
*'''Location:''' Within segment side-panel below ''Road Type''.
===Level 3===
====Add Google linked place====
*'''Location:''' Within the Place's info panel under ''External Providers''.
*'''Location:''' Links a Google Maps entry to the Waze Place to improve routing.
====Real time closures====
*'''Location:''' Within the segment's info panel under ''Closures'' tab.
*'''Function:''' Allows real time closures to be set that are immediately live on the map. This still respects auto locks on segments.
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