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# To test a toll price you should first ensure you have loaded it into the playground
# You can then use the ''draw a line'' button [top centre of map]. Choose your start [click once] and the end [click twice] to create a route
#* This The route is based on the WME segmentsand Waze routing algorithms, not the visible map
#* You do not need to select any intermediate points
#* You should ensure your start and end are clear of the highlighted toll price segment as the route must pass through the start node, segment, and end node to trigger the toll calculation
# The route should display a message box with details of the calculated price and place a summary of the route will show in the left-handpanel
#* <span style="background: #ffcccc;">&nbsp;Red highlighted&nbsp;</span> routes are routes that have a toll price calculated, this includes a zero price [''example: '''£0.00''''']
#* <span style="background: #ccccff;">&nbsp;Blue highlighted&nbsp;</span> routes are routes that are FREE, no toll price calculation made#You can now adjust '''User Permit ID''', '''Vehicle''', '''Travel Day''', and '''Travel Time''' to see how they influence the toll price.#Click on the green arrow beside any of the summary routes in the left-hand panel to see the new price details. The price shown in the left-hand panel will '''not''' change#Be sure to test for all possible permutations based on direction, time of day, day of week, vehicle type and any passes.
== Creating a new toll ==
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