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This is a collection of suggested answers to common Update Requests (URs). In each case, the text in bold is suggested for the reply, with a link back here to a fuller explanation. Feel free to amend the suggested text in your own reply if a different wording would be more appropriate - but please keep the link back to the Wiki. Check back here regularly as these answers will be improved in the light of user feedback.

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Initial response where problem is unclear

[Add in any questions that may help you resolve the problem].

Please can you let me have some more details so I can see if the map needs a permanent change. Thanks for your time. If you would like further information on Waze in the UK please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#1.

We only make changes to the map where there are permanent or long-term changes to the road network. There are ways of incorporating short-term changes in the application itself using the Closure facility. If you know of longer term networks please contact an Area Manager or post details to the UK roadworks forum where someone will be able to offer advice.

Further information:

Waze in the UK

How we deal with update requests

UK roadworks forum

Problem resolved

Thanks for your help in reporting this problem, which I have now fixed. Any changes will be live within a few days. If you would like further information on updates to the map see waze.com/wiki/UKUR#2.

Latest status

Closing report without solution

Hi, thanks again for your report which I'm closing now. If you would like to further discuss this issue please see waze.com/wiki/UKUR#3.

It's not always easy to reply within the application or to provide full details when you first report an issue. You can always add more information to a request using a browser by following up the link given in the email notification. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the issue with the original editor who replied to you use the Waze forum private message facility. You might also consider posting to the UK Waze forum and/or contact the UK country admins.

How we deal with update requests

Waze showing traffic where there is none

Waze will often show traffic where there is none because it is based on the most recent data provided by users. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#4.

If a user has just been through a road and encountered traffic conditions worse than usual for that road at that time of day, Waze will display traffic. This condition will slowly decay over time until it clears altogether, or it will be totally reset by another Wazer coming through with clear conditions. I suspect you were following behind another user who had encountered traffic and Waze had not yet cleared the display. However, you coming through will clear the condition for other users - that's the beauty of social Waze. Of course, the converse applies, if no users have been through Waze has no way of knowing what the traffic conditions are. In that case, it falls back on the usual conditions for that road, which may or may not be accurate. The more users on a road, the more accurate Waze will be. 

Further information on routing

Waze went to the wrong address

Waze is not always accurate when navigating to postcodes or when using the results of an internet search for a location. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#5.

Waze will try to deliver you to the centre of the postcode, which may or may not be on the same road as the searched property. In some cases, the Waze map can be changed to ensure the correct road is closest but in others all that can be done is to manually mark the property on the map as one of your favourites (when displaying the map, hold down your finger on the property, click the info icon and then Add). If the location of the property has come from an internet search you may be able to edit that source directly - for example, some limited success has been had by moving the Google location markers. Remember that some properties have multiple entrances or even postcodes. Please let me know if you think the Waze map could be amended to move closer to the postcode concerned.

Further information on address searches

Waze doesn't show traffic lights, give ways etc

Waze does not record the location of traffic lights, give ways or stop signs. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#6.

Guidance like "turn right at the next traffic light" or "give way at the junction" is frequently incomplete, incorrect or outdated, particularly in urban areas where junction layouts are often changed. Reliance purely on a navigation system at such junctions is potentially fatal.

Waze does take traffic lights and other stop/give way situations into account when deciding on the best route. For example, the road segments leading to a traffic light will have low average speeds. If the average speed (based on the waiting time) becomes low enough, a longer route that avoids the traffic light will become the preferred route. Remember that in some places Waze may have very few data points for traffic, in other places Waze may have a lot of speed data broken down by time of day/day of week. If an alternative route is rarely used then Waze may think that route is better even if it's not - so sometimes it's worth going "off piste" just to help Waze out a bit. As Waze learns more about individual road segments it will get better at predicting the potential for delay.

Further information on routing

Waze offered a detour when no traffic

This looks like Waze thought there were some traffic issues ahead and has suggested a slight detour. I cannot see any errors in the mapping. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#7.

Because Waze's navigation is based on a combination of historic (based on time of day) and live traffic data, sometimes it will offer a suboptimal route like this. If a Wazer has just reported bad traffic conditions (either manually or automatically by driving slowly) Waze may try to avoid it even if the traffic has cleared by the time you approach the same road. If you can see the way ahead is clear then just proceed, your fresh data will then inform Waze that it's ok for other Wazers to be taken that way. Sometimes these types of detours are because Waze doesn't have enough speed data for the alternative route - if you have the time it can help Waze and other Wazers by driving the alternative, it will then know how bad (or good) that route is. You may even find a totally fresh route for yourself! If you know the alternative route is not permitted (eg because of turn restrictions) then please make a report to that effect. We can then change the maps and prevent Waze offering that route again.

Further information on routing

London routing

There is a known issue in London where users fail to get routes at certain times of day across London. This is a problem with the algorithms that Waze use and I'm sorry I can't do anything more to help you at the moment. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#8.

We are working with Waze to help them find a solution. There is a thread on the Waze forum if you want to read more about this issue (see below) and we will keep that thread up to date on the latest position from Waze.

Forum thread on this topic

Further information on routing in general

A problem with the app

For example, display issues, rebooting, etc

[If you want to offer help for an issue then please do if you have the time otherwise use the text below]

This is a problem with the application and should be reported via waze support at support.google.com/waze/ or discussed at the Waze forums. You reported using the map error system manned by volunteer map editors not the developers. I'm sorry I can't help more at this time. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#9.

Further information on getting help

Missing height/width/etc restrictions

Waze does not yet have the ability to record and use width, height or weight restrictions. I'm sorry I can't be of more help at the moment. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#10.

We expect vehicle types will be coming to the client application later this year and it may be possible that we use that in some way to provide assistance to users of larger vehicles.

Further information on vehicle restrictions

Wrong count of exits at roundabout

Waze will count all exits attached to a roundabout, I have checked all the ones attached here are correct. If you want further information about this please see waze.com/wiki/UKUR#11.

Generally we will add all exits to a roundabout, even ones rarely used or leading to private roads. Although this can be confusing to some users, we find that other users will expect those exits to be counted. In addition, if those roads are not connected, users will not be able to navigate to them and the roads beyond them.

Further information on roundabouts in Waze

Off and on - motorways/major roads

There is a known issue on some major roads where you are directed off and then immediately back on again even though no traffic is present. If you want further information please see waze.com/wiki/UKUR#12.

We believe this issue is resolved for most junctions, however there is a thread on the UK forum (see below for link) for those still experiencing the problem.

Forum thread for off and on

City in wrong place

[assuming that you have checked all the segments]

Waze shows the city (or area) name at the centre of the road segments with that name, not necessarily at the normally recognised centre of the city. If you would like further information please see waze.com/wiki/UKUR#13.

Each road segment in Waze has a city name (though in some cases it is left empty). Waze uses these names to build a polygon for the area defined by that city. Even if all the segments are defined correctly, the label for the city is placed at the centre of the polygon which is not necessarily the "true" centre, eg the shopping area. In some rare cases, eg where a curving river provides the boundary for a city, the city label may even appear outside the city altogether. In addition, the mistaken allocation of road segments to a city or a large number of unallocated segments may also skew the position of the label. Filling in the city name for a large number of segments is a slow process that is sometimes left when sorting out the map of an area, particularly if there are more pressing tasks. Navigation is not affected by the city name field being wrong or empty since navigation (at the moment) depends upon external search engines not the internal Waze database.

Map editor - city layer

Waze doesn't learn my routes

Waze will only learn your frequent destinations and will always try to find the quickest/shortest route. For further information please see the Waze FAQ - waze.com/wiki/FAQ.

U-turns on Dual Carriageways

Waze generally will not route with a u-turn on a dual carriageway. If you would like further information please go to waze.com/wiki/UKUR#15.

What it should do (and does currently) is always recommend the safe route which is to go to the next proper junction with an over/underpass and turn, which is what it does. This is a fast straight road, if he/she want's to do a U-turn than that's their considered risk.