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We are not allowed to copy directly from any 3rd-party maps or aerials, but they can be used for research.

Online maps

National mapping

http://www.google.co.uk/maps - including Street View which sometimes has more recent pictures than you see on the map (check the dates), especially when a new road is constructed over an old one. Useful for working out new junctions.

http://www.bing.co.uk/maps - also includes OS maps for some zoom levels.

http://www.openstreetmap.com - possibly more up-to-date, but don't rely on it.

Ordnance Survey OpenData - Comprehensive map useful for determining road types.

City of London Interactive Streetworks map - gives access to OS UK-wide detailed mapping showing building names and house numbers. Very useful for checking the location of user-added places. Opens focussed on City of London showing current and planned streetworks but can be panned and zoomed to other locations.

Highways England Network Managemant Map - PDF 5.09MB Map of roads managed by Highways England, trunk roads etc.

National roadworks

http://www.trafficengland.com - Roadworks & closure information on roads managed by Highways England.

https://roadworks.org/ - information about roadworks, road closures and diversions affecting the UK road network.

https://trafficscotland.org - Roadworks & closure information on roads in Scotland.

https://www.roadworksscotland.org/ - information supplied by roads authorities, undertakers and other third parties in Scotland.

Road Databases

These can be useful when trying to figure out the names of junctions, restrictions and classifications.

https://www.transport.gov.scot/media/35771/listoftrunkroads.pdf Official list of Scottish trunk roads.

http://www.nmwtra.org.uk/ The North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency

http://www.swtra.co.uk/ The South Wales Trunk Road Agent

http://www.cbrd.co.uk/motorway/ (Motorway database, and other good stuff. Not always up-to-date)

http://www.sabre-roads.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page (Wiki of UK roads)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Roads_in_the_United_Kingdom (Wikipedia - duh!)

http://www.roadsuk.com Loads of information about UK roads, including history, road numbering, signage, etc.

http://www.pathetic.org.uk A great site about British Motorways, their history, secret ones, lost ones and unfinished ones. Worth a read.

New Roads and Junctions

When mapping new roads or junction layouts, the big online map sites are often months or years behind. These resources can help you figure out what's what:

http://roads.highways.gov.uk/ (Highways Agency road projects - other sites for Scotland and Wales)

http://www.sabre-roads.org.uk/forum/ (Sabre forum - often has threads about specific projects)

http://www.google.co.uk/maps (Streetview sometimes has more recent pictures than you see on the map, especially when a new road is constructed an old one. Useful for working out new junctions)

Specific regions

Authority Traffic Orders Closures Planning Highways Record Other
East of England
North Hertfordshire Map
Essex Highways Traffic regulation orders Highway schemes
East Midlands
Blaby Map
Charnwood Map6
Corby Map
Daventry Map7
Harborough Map
Hinkley & Bosworth Map
Leicester Traffic regulation orders Map
Leicestershire Countywide TROs
Melton Map
Nottinghamshire Map1 Map2 Map3
Oadby & Wigston Map
Greater London
Bexley Public notices Map
City of London Closures & events | Map
Croydon Permanent | Temporary Closures
Ealing Weekly roadworks
Enfield Recent TMOs
Hammersmith & Fulham Weekly roadworks
Kensington & Chelsea Weekly bulletin
Kingston-upon-Thames TMO archive [Google Drive] Weekly roadworks Adoption map
Lambeth Recent orders
Merton Roadworks bulletin
Richmond Roadworks map
Southwark Recent TMOs | Stopping up District map
Sutton TMOs & Notices
Wandsworth Roadworks bulletin Map
Westminster TMO search Fortnightly bulletin
North East
North West
Lancashire Temporary orders
South East
Buckinghamshire Street record [XLS] Major projects
Dartford Map
East Hampshire Map
East Sussex Roadworks
Isle of Wight Closures [PDF]
Surrey Public notices Map4 Map5
West Sussex Roadworks list
South West
Devon Roadworks & major projects
Yorkshire & Humber
North Yorkshire Map
West Midlands
Birmingham Map8
Coventry Roadworks sheet [PDF] Map
Dudley Roadworks sheet [PDF]
Lichfield Temporary closures Map
Sandwell Roadworks sheet [PDF] Map
Solihull TROs Map
Stafford Map
Staffordshire Countywide roadworks
Stratford upon Avon Public notices Map
Telford & Wrekin Recent TROs Map
Walsall Roadworks sheet [PDF] Map9
Wolverhampton Roadworks sheet [PDF]
Worcestershire Countywide notices
Utility Companies
Severn Trent Water http://stw.works Bristol Channel to the Humber, Shropshire to the East Midlands
Southern Gas Networks https://www.sgn.co.uk/Roadworks/ Scotland, the south of England and part of Northern Ireland
Aberdeenshire Map
Fife Legal orders / notices Map
Stirling Planned closures
wales.gov Traffic orders


  1. Select Traffic Regulation Orders and / or Turning Point Restrictions layer under Layers > Transport & Streets
  2. Select Planning Applications layer under Layers > Planning
  3. Select Adopted Highways layer under Layers > Transport & Streets
  4. Select Planning Applications layer under Environment, housing and planning
  5. Select Road Network layer under Roads and Transport
  6. Select PlanningApplications 2010s layer under Planning and Building Control
  7. Select Planning Apps layer under boundaries, planning, voting, land
  8. Select Post 1990 Planning Application layer under Planning
  9. Select Planning Applications layer under Planning