Editor Features Restricted by Rank (UK)

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Separate to the lock system used to protect the map some features of the WME are restricted until you reach a certain Editor Rank. The rank these features become available has been discussed and decided by the UK Country Admins.

Level 5


Junction Boxes

  • Location: Within the add road menu.
  • Function: Allows better control of routing through complex junction.

Level 4


Snapshot mode

  • Location: Top left of WME window, above the user profile.
  • Function: Allows the editor to see the current live map to review changes made after the most recent tile update.

Create new city names

  • Location: Popup when unknown name is entered into the segment name field.
  • Function: Adds a new name to the City database.

Routing option

  • Location: Within segment side-panel below Road Type.
  • Function: Upgrades / downgrades a segment without having to change it's Road Type.

Level 3


Add Google linked place

  • Location: Within the Place's info panel under External Providers.
  • Function: Links a Google Maps entry to the Waze Place to improve routing.

Real time closures

  • Wazeopedia
  • Location: Within the segment's info panel under Closures tab.
  • Function: Allows real time closures to be set that are immediately live on the map. This still respects auto locks on segments.

Level 2

Approve Places

  • Function: As expected approve new Places.