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A Country Manager (CM) is an editor who has editing rights for the whole of the UK.

In order for an editor to be granted countrywide editing rights and become a CM they must have a history of good editing and communication with other users on the forums.

Applications for CM status should be submitted to, and will be vetted by the UK Country Admins (CA), requests to become a CM should be emailed to WazeUKCMs (at) gmail.com.

To be considered for CM status a user MUST have achieved the following pre-requisites prior to application:

  1. Has achieved 500,000 edits (New Waze rule introduced with Level 6 editors May 2013).
  2. Active on the forums with a minimum of 250 posts.
  3. Joined Waze at least 6 months previously.
  4. Record of consistent good editing, closely following the wiki.
  5. Must be interested in the national road network and maintaining it.

As a CM additional responsibilities that would be expected of them include:

  1. Be prepared to openly communicate with other AMs/CMs/CAs.
  2. Keep their AM area(s) as their primary focus.
  3. Only close URs outside of their AM area after a number of days when they have turned orange or red.
  4. When unlocking L4/L5 roads on the core road network for other users they must check the edits made and re-lock at L4/L5 if required.
  5. Before unlocking Motorways and their junctions ensure there really is a requirement as the motorways network should be complete unless something has changed, if in any doubt refer back to the original editor. It is preferred that the CM makes changes to Motorways.


  1. If an approved CM performs below the required standard then they may have their CM editing rights removed.
  2. The CA team reserves the right to promote any user to CM in exceptional circumstances.

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