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== Access ==
The toll price mapping tool can be found at https://tolls.waze.com/welcome.html.
{{mbox|type=protection|text=You need to be registered to use this tool, your Waze credentials will not work by default. Access is restricted due to the complex nature of using the tool and the need for some control to be kept on what data is being submitted for public use. Contact your regional Coordinator if you are interested in being part of toll price mapping.}}
== Tool interface ==
=== Welcome tab ===
Here you will find some announcement, useful information, and other links to related resources.
=== Toll Prices tab ===
==== Open ====
Toll files have 4 statuses;
* <span style="color: #e1e1e1; background: #6b0c82;">&nbsp;production&nbsp;</span> - a file that has been uploaded and is being used to calculate toll prices in the client
* <span style="color: #e1e1e1; background: #7d757b;">&nbsp;prod old&nbsp;</span> - a file that has been edited since it was last uploaded, the previous version of this file is being use to calculate prices in the client app
* <span style="color: #fffdfd; background: #dd0000ab;">&nbsp;public&nbsp;</span> - a file that has been made available for all tool users to view and test
* <span style="color: #2c2c2c; background: #8ca7eeab;">&nbsp;private&nbsp;</span> - a file that only yourself, the creator, can see and test.
Using the My Files and Public buttons or the search box you can filter files as required. You can also <span style="color: #fff; background: #00a701b5;">&nbsp;load&nbsp;</span> a file for you to view and edit a local copy, or load a file into the <span style="color: #fff; background: #2821ccb5;">&nbsp;playground&nbsp;</span> for testing. You can only <span style="color: #fff; background: #990001b5;">&nbsp;delete&nbsp;</span> a file you have created.
==== Save and export ====
The large text box should display all of the input toll data that will be saved within the toll file, this is saved as a minified [http://www.json.org/ JSON] file.
You should choose a name that best reflects the toll(s) that as mapped in the file. The suggested naming convention is Country_State_Area [''example: '''US_CS_Downtown''''']. You should consult with your community on what standard is being used as toll files can be a single toll in a single direction, or all tolls within a state, or even a country.
{{Mbox|type=critical|text=The system will '''not''' check if you have already used the same file name and '''will''' overwrite any existing file you have already created. Any existing file data will be lost.}}{{Mbox|type=notice|text=You are unable to save a file with the same name that has already been used by another user.}}
When you save a file you can also select whether to <span style="color: #fffdff; background: #dd0000ab;">&nbsp;make public&nbsp;</span> and / or <span style="color: #fff; background: #2821ccb5;">&nbsp;load to playground&nbsp;</span> for testing.
==== Clear All ====
This clears all current tolls showing in the edit area. It does not delete files, nor remove loaded data from the playground.
{{Mbox|text=If you have '''not''' saved your work and clear the data it can '''not''' be retrieved.|type=critical}}
==== add tolls ====
This adds a new toll line into the edit area for you to map a toll and its pricing.
== Creating a new toll ==
=== add tolls[[File:Add-toll-interface.png|850px]] ===
* '''toll id (''required'')''' - Identify your toll. The suggested naming convention is Country-State-RoadName-Direction [''example: '''US-CA-241-Southbound''''']. You can map multiple directions in the same toll so check with your community if direction is needed
* '''road local name (''required'')''' - Enter a name that identifies the toll road
* '''currency (''required'')''' - Enter the symbol or letters used locally when prices are shown [''example: '''$, £, CZK, SEK''''']
* '''currency code''' - Select the ISO currency code to match your region
* '''comments''' - You can use this text box for any useful notes, maybe the URL to the toll price details
* '''polyline''' - This is created by selecting the draw button or from the playground. Its purpose is to highlight the location / line of the toll road in the playground [''example: '''LINESTRING(12.34567890123456 23.456789012345678,34.567890123456789 45.67890123456789)''''']
* '''type''' - Select how the toll is charged. '''Static''' is a known price in advance, '''Dynamic''' is when the price varies due to unknown factors.
* '''rules (''select 1 only'')''' - Choose how the toll is charged. '''pay_per_section_count''' should be selected when the toll price is based on passing through a discrete number of collection points, '''entry_exit_price''' should be selected when a toll price is determined based on the entry point and exit point of the route, '''pay_per_section''' should be selected when a fixed toll is paid for passing though a collection point
* '''add_trip_charge''' -
* '''add_entry_exit_matrix (''only shows for entry_exit_price'')''' -
* '''add_entry_exit_rules (''only shows for entry_exit_price'')''' -
* '''add permit_prices (''only shows for pay_per_section_count'')''' -
* '''add sections (''required'')''' -

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