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====Congestion Zones====
====Congestion Zones====
London Congestion Charge & ULEZ
London Congestion Charge & ULEZ - MAPPED AS WAZE AREA PASS
Durham Road User Charge Zone
Durham Road User Charge Zone

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Toll Price Mapping (UK)

Road list


M6 Toll West Midlands - MAPPED

M25 Dartford Crossing Dartford, Essex - MAPPED

Bridges and tunnels on A roads

A4 Batheaston Bridge Bath, Somerset - MAPPED

A15 Humber Bridge Hull, Yorkshire - MAPPED

A19 Tyne Tunnels Wallsend, Tyne and Wear - MAPPED

A38 Tamar Bridge Plymouth, Devon - MAPPED

A41 Mersey Tunnels - Queensway Birkenhead, Liverpool - MAPPED

A57 Dunham Bridge Lincoln, Lincolnshire - MAPPED

A59 Mersey Tunnels - Kingsway Wallasey, Liverpool - MAPPED

A477 Cleddau Bridge Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire - NO LONGER A TOLL

A533 Mersey Gateway Halton, Cheshire - MAPPED

A3025 Itchen Bridge Southampton, Hampshire - MAPPED

Bridges on minor roads

B471 Whitchurch Bridge Pangbourne, Berkshire - MAPPED

B3129 Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol - MAPPED

B4350 Whitney-On-Wye Bridge Whitney-On-Wye, Hereford - MAPPED

B4044 Swinford Bridge Swinford, Oxfordshire - MAPPED

B5159 Warburton Bridge Warburton, Greater Manchester - MAPPED

Aldwark Bridge Aldwark, North Yorkshire - MAPPED

Kingsland Bridge Shrewsbury, Shropshire - MAPPED

Cartford Bridge Preston, Lancashire - MAPPED

Other roads

Dulwich tollgate - MAPPED

Worthy Toll Road

Haslams Lane, Derby

Rye Road, Hoddesdon

Congestion Zones

London Congestion Charge & ULEZ - MAPPED AS WAZE AREA PASS

Durham Road User Charge Zone


M6 Toll

Name in Toll Tool: M6 Toll Northbound, M6 Toll Southbound

Permalink: M6 Toll in WME

Pricing website: M6 Toll Pricing (updated 17th July 2019)

Waze pass: M6 Toll TAG

Toll Times: At all times, varies by day and hour.

Pricing rule: Pay per section, mapped at each toll booth location.

Vehicle types: All types charged

Whitchurch Bridge

Name in Toll Tool: Whitchurch Bridge

Permalink: Whitchurch Bridge in WME

Pricing website: Whitchurch Bridge Pricing (updated 11th August 2015)

Waze pass: Bridge Card

Toll Times: Varies by day, daytime only.

Pricing rule: Pay per section. Toll free segment hack mapped.

Vehicle types: Private, Taxi charged. Motorcycle free.