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This page is to be used for abbreviations in Australia. It takes precedence over the Abbreviations and Acronyms page in the Global Wazeopedia.

Standard Suffix Abbreviations


1. Only abbreviate suffixes ("road types").

  • "The Avenue", "The Grove ", etc. should not be abbreviated, as Avenue and Grove are not road types in this context.
  • "Parade Road" would be abbreviated to Parade Rd, as Parade is not a road type in this context. Similarly, "Mount Ousley Rd" should be recorded like that, without abbreviating the Mount.

2. Suffix abbreviations do not contain any punctuation, such as "." (Full-stops) or "-" (Hyphens).

3. In the event that the original suffix is a plural (i.e contains a "s" at the end) and only its singular form is present as an abbreviation, simply add an "s" to the end of the abbreviation.

4. If no abbreviation is given in this table, then spell out the word in full.

5. This list of abbreviations is based on AS/NZS 4819:2011, Rural and Urban Addressing

Suffix name Standard abbreviation Comment
Alley Ally
Approach App
Arcade Arc
Avenue Av Ave appears in many places due to use by Australia Post
Boardwalk Bwlk
Boulevard Bvd
Break Brk
Bypass Bypa
Chase Ch
Circuit Cct
Close Cl
Concourse Con
Court Ct
Crescent Cr Cres appears in many places due to use by Australia Post
Crest Crst
Drive Dr
Entrance Ent
Esplanade Esp
Expressway Exp
Firetrail Ftrl
Freeway Fwy
Glade Glde
Grange Gra
Grove Gr
Highway Hwy
Motorway Mwy
Parade Pde
Parkway Pwy
Passage Psge
Place Pl
Plaza Plza
Promenade Prom
Quays Qys
Retreat Rtt
Ridge Rdge
Road Rd
Square Sq
Steps Stps
Street St
Subway Sbwy
Terrace Tce
Track Trk
Trail Trl
Vista Vsta

Other Abbreviations

Prefixes, directional abbreviations and other (non-suffix) abbreviations should not be used, except for state/territory abbreviations as listed above.

1. Prefix abbreviations

  • "St " at the start of a suburb name is part of the legal name. It should not be expanded to "Saint".
  • "St " (meaning "Saint") as part of the street or city name should be shown as "St. " with the trailing full stop to cause it to be correctly pronounced by the TTS. (This mechanism is currently under review.)

2. Directional abbreviations include: East (E), South West (SW), Central (CN), Upper (UP), and Lower (LR).

  • These abbreviations should not be abbreviated.
  • In addition to not being abbreviated, directions should only be included when they are a part of the documented name, and not a suffix or prefix added at a later stage to describe location or orientation/ direction.
  • The street type should still be abbreviated e.g. "Smith Rd East" is correct; "Smith Road East" or "Smith Rd E" are not.

Further Reading

NSW Geographical Names Board Addressing Guidelines

Please refer to the following Waze forum for a "Work in progress" list of abbreviations that are being tested, currently available, and proposed: