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All Places need to comply with the Waze editing philosophy, only add places that are relevant to Waze's function as a navigation app - that is, possible destinations, or features that aid orientation. Other types of places aren't in line with the Waze map editing goal of SIMPLICITY.

If you decide you want to create a Place in the editor, the best way to ensure it doesn't need constant maintenance, is to do it right the first time. Fill in all the information you possibly can, don't just add Places to the map because it's there. 

Creation Requirements

At a bare minimum, your created Place needs to have:

  • Title/Name
  • Relevant Category

And a best effort for the following information: (be aware some fields may not need filling in, depending on the type of Place)

  • Address
  • Short, Accurate and Unbiased description By this I mean no opinions on a particular Place, stick to the facts or don't add Places at all.
  • Entry point (this aids more in Area Place navigation to ensure the route goes to the correct street.
  • Appropriate Lock Level (more on this below).
  • Appropriate use of Area/Point Places Most Places should be a Point Place. The exceptions are water bodies, parks, relevant places that can be used at a glance to orient the driver, and Places that should be shown on the map (petrol stations). See When to use Area/Point
  • Website and/or Phone (if available) Do NOT use Facebook, even if it's the company's official Facebook page. You must use a website that belongs directly to the business owner, not any third party hosting site. Check that the website doesn't prohibit linking without permission. Their Terms & Conditions page will usually include any restrictions. Australia Post, for example, requires a formal approval process.
  • Accurate Services (some check-boxes may not apply to a certain type of place)
  • Opening hours (if set, not variable)


  • Don't stretch Area Places so that they intersect with road segments, they should come a little bit back from the road, as this avoids problems with editing geometry of both segments & Places.
  • If possible, add an external provider. This not only assists with making sure the place is in the correct spot, it also allows us to link that place to the Google Result.


Lock levels need to take a few factors into consideration:

  • Complexity of Place, be it in geometry or data (+1)
  • Integrity of any linked data, external providers or petrol data. (+1)
  • Completion (+1)

At an absolute maximum for standard places lock level, not under Vandalism or any special circumstances, should be 3


Petrol station with all data filled out and complete, L3.

Petrol station with name and minimal info, L2.

Park in the suburbs, with no data, L1

Park with all relevant data added and nothing left to add, L2.

Sydney Harbour (complex geometrical shape, necessary for orientation on Waze map), L3.

Common Issues

  • For your first 10 Places, you will need the changes reviewed by another editor. Once you have 10 approvals, you may create places without immediate moderation.
  • External Providers can be added only by L2 or higher editors. If you try to as L1, your Place will not Save.