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== Before you start ==
#REDIRECT [[How to use third-party data sources]]
'''Stop!''' You must read the new [[External Data / Third-Party Sources Policy]] to understand how and under what conditions this data is permitted to be used. Failure to comply with the policy '''may result in sanctions on your account, your edits reversed, edits reversed for an entire area / country, and / or your account terminated.'''
You should also ''not'' map a road just because it is listed on another authorised source. Roads and features on Waze must continue to meet the standards and expectations of mapping in Australia to ensure they’re practical for drivers. For example, some roads shown in these sources may not exist or usable in reality, verify that the road is useful to Wazers before mapping it. A reminder on [[Main Page|mapping expectations found here.]]
'''These external sources, and the instructions listed herein are intended for advanced editors who can (as required), independently experiment with the tools listed. These guides are not complete and are not written to cater for all users. You will likely need to collaborate with other editors on the [https://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=56 Waze Australia forums] or [https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=257551 Waze Australia Discord server].'''
== Data Sources By Jurisdiction ==
=== National ===
==== PSMA Administrative Boundaries ====
This data source is updated quarterly with new and changing data. It is helpful for seeing suburb boundaries for the country. Data is saved in a file format called “shapefile”. To use this data, you may benefit from a tool like [[#QGIS|QGIS]].
'''Data Source:''' https://data.gov.au/dataset/psma-administrative-boundaries (Look for the latest file called ''Suburbs - Localities'').
Before you start, if your operating system (such as Windows) hides file extensions on files, you may need to show them. On Windows 10, open Explorer or “This PC”, in the ribbon at the top of the window click View, and tick: File name extensions. OR, in older versions of Windows, go to Control Panel > File Explorer Options > View tab > Untick: Hide extensions for known file types. 
The following guide uses a tool called [[#QGIS|QGIS]], you’ll need to download and install it before starting.
This video demonstrates in less than 60 seconds how to get started using the click and drag method. Note the files selected were NSW_LOCALITY_shp.dbf and NSW_LOCALITY_POLYGON_shp.dbf, but it works regardless of the state or territory.
[[File:AU video Load-PSMA-data-into-QGIS.jpg|link=https://youtu.be/HT6DJU3cXtI]]
The polygon data can also be exported for use in WME Geometries. This will be added later.
=== Australian Capital Territory ===
==== ACT Road Centrelines ====
This data source is updated occasionally with new and changing data. It is helpful for seeing roads within the ACT. Data is saved in a file format called “shapefile” which can be either downloaded or accessed via an API.
To use this data, you may benefit from a tool like [[#QGIS|QGIS]].
'''Data Source:''' https://actmapi-actgov.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/act-road-centrelines
'''If you download,''' it may be faster for you if you have a slow internet connection, but you will need to redownload the file again when it changes and you won’t be notified when that is required.<blockquote>Visit data source link above</blockquote><blockquote>Click Download > Shapefile, and see this video demonstrating in less than 60 seconds how to get started using the click and drag method</blockquote><blockquote>[[File:AU_video_Load_ACT_Road_Centrelines_data_into_QGIS_via_File.jpg|link=https://youtu.be/HooxNVDYJR4]]</blockquote><blockquote>https://youtu.be/HooxNVDYJR4</blockquote>'''If you use API,''' it is more convenient and always up to date.<blockquote>'''Server address:''' https://data.actmapi.act.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/data_extract/Transport/MapServer</blockquote><blockquote>'''Recommended Layer:''' Road Centrelines</blockquote><blockquote>This video demonstrates in less than 60 seconds how to configure the API connection:</blockquote><blockquote>[[File:AU_video_Load_ACT_Road_Centrelines_data_into_QGIS_via_API.jpg|link=https://youtu.be/VnhccJRKITQ]]</blockquote><blockquote>https://youtu.be/VnhccJRKITQ</blockquote>
=== New South Wales ===
==== NSW Base Map ====
To use this data, you may benefit from a tool like [[#QGIS|QGIS]].
'''Data Source:''' https://www.spatial.nsw.gov.au/products_and_services/web_services/access_web_services '''(Note: ONLY “NSW Base Map” web service is authorised for use).'''
To setup the API connection:<blockquote>'''Server address:''' <nowiki>https://maps.six.nsw.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/public/NSW_Base_Map/MapServer</nowiki></blockquote><blockquote>This video demonstrates in less than 60 seconds how to configure the API connection:</blockquote><blockquote>[[File:AU_video_Load_NSW_Base_Map_data_into_QGIS_via_API.jpg|link=https://youtu.be/-6PNcSnQQXo]]</blockquote><blockquote>https://youtu.be/-6PNcSnQQXo</blockquote>
=== Northern Territory ===
==== Natural Resource Maps ====
An easy to use website to access detailed information about the Northern Territory, with very few caveats.
'''Website:''' http://nrmaps.nt.gov.au/nrmaps.html
'''Layers you can freely use,''' with the recommended layers ticked:
[[File:AU NT Natural Resource Maps Enabled.png|none|thumb]]
'''The following layers should be used with caution.''' They contain third-party copyright data we are not authorised to copy. Use these layers to help you navigate and orientate yourself on the map, however never copy any data provided by these layers:
[[File:AU NT Natural Resource Maps Caution Layers.png|none|thumb]]
=== Queensland ===
==== Queensland Globe ====
'''Coming soon''' - This website is currently missing from our allowed source list, despite previously being approved. We are chasing this.
==== Guide to Queensland Roads ====
A website with PDF resources of tourist sites around Queensland. Note most of the data is currently aged and should be used carefully.
'''Website:''' https://www.publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/guide-to-queensland-roads
=== South Australia ===
==== South Australian Government Data Directory (Roads) ====
Waze is authorised to use data within the the [https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/roads South Australian Government Data Directory], including the [http://location.sa.gov.au/viewer/?map=hybrid&x=138.60075&y=-34.9285&z=16&uids=135,136 Location SA Viewer tool] (accessed via "Preview Roads in a map viewer" in aforementioned link). However, '''only road data listed in the directory may be used''' in the [http://location.sa.gov.au/viewer/?map=hybrid&x=138.60075&y=-34.9285&z=16&uids=135,136 Location SA Viewer tool]. For example, the tool is best used with '''only the “Roads” dataset selected, and nothing else ticked,''' as per the below screenshot:
The preferred map to use in this tool is “satellite” as other maps contain other data like house numbers we’re not authorised to use. You can use all these map layers to help you navigate and orientate yourself on the map, '''however never copy any data provided by these layers:'''
[[File:AU SA Permitted Basemaps.png|none|thumb]]
'''Recommended link to Location SA Viewer with allowed layers enabled:''' http://location.sa.gov.au/viewer/?map=hybrid&x=138.60075&y=-34.9285&z=16&uids=135,136
Other road data can be extracted from files within the [https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/roads South Australian Government Data Directory], however it won’t be covered in this guide.
=== Tasmania ===
'''Coming soon''' - National or State Highway and Arterial Roads plus Feeder Roads plus Local plus Access Roads plus VTs
=== Victoria ===
==== MapShareVic ====
An excellent web based resource, MapShareVic shows road, property and other great resources. Please be mindful there is third-party copyrighted data incorporated in the website. You are obligated to look out for these by checking for copyright statements and avoiding using websites linked from this portal.
'''Website:''' https://mapshare.vic.gov.au/mapsharevic/
Here is a quick video to show you the preferred layers to use:
=== Western Australia ===
==== Main Roads WA ArcGIS REST API ====
Western Australia offers one of the largest and most comprehensive data sources of all states and territories. The API, for example, allows you to render every road in the state while looking at the entire state - this may place strain on your computer and internet connection. You will need to be careful as to which data layers you enable, and toggle the “render” option on / off to maximise usability.
To use this data, you may benefit from a tool like [[#QGIS|QGIS]].
'''Data Source:''' https://mrgis.mainroads.wa.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/OpenData/RoadAssets_DataPortal/MapServer
Note we are permitted to use all layers, though only certain layers will be helpful.
'''To setup the API connection:'''<blockquote>'''Server address:''' <nowiki>https://mrgis.mainroads.wa.gov.au/arcgis/rest/services/OpenData/RoadAssets_DataPortal/MapServer</nowiki></blockquote><blockquote>This video demonstrates configuring the server, enabling recommended layers, and how to toggle the “render” option to improve usability.</blockquote><blockquote>[[File:AU_video_Using_the_Main_Roads_Western_Australia_ArcGIS_REST_API_road_assets_inside_GQIS.jpg|link=https://youtu.be/mkVUXYFXOgI]]</blockquote><blockquote>https://youtu.be/mkVUXYFXOgI</blockquote>
== Tools ==
The following tools may be helpful in accessing and managing the above mentioned data sources. Follow directions of the above as to what tools are helpful for which data source.
=== QGIS ===
A cross-platform, free and open source geographic information system. Helpful for displaying maps and data from third party sources. These applications are resource intensive and may require a powerful computer.
Go to https://www.qgis.org/ and follow links to download the application on your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
=== WME Geometries ===
'''Script:''' https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=819&t=129735
Additional information and video will be added later on how to export polygons from some of the above data for overlay in WME with the above script.
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