Lane Guidance

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In May 2020, Waze released the lane guidance (LG) feature for the mapping of lanes into WME. Australia initially took a cautious approach, limiting it to experimentation as there was some known issues. In Sep 2020, Waze has released the LG feature with text-to-speech (TTS) announcements into the production Waze application. The potential issues have been deemed low risk and not worth delaying the mapping of LG in Australia further.

Australia adopts the lane guidance policy of the USA (click here to read), though should be implemented in a left-hand driving manner.

The feature is only accessible to level 4 editors and above, however it will be changed to level 2 and above, within 7 days of writing this wiki.

Users should NOT attempt to add or edit lane guidance until they have read this and the linked wiki pages. Please stop and ask questions if you are unsure. As always, editors are encouraged to engage with their mentors, post on the forums, or ask on the Waze Australia Discord server.