Removing excess nodes

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In line with our Revised Waze Editing Philosophy, our mapping standards have changed in 2020. For more information, see new technology, new mapping standards.

Unnecessary splits between segments forming junction nodes, and excess geometry nodes on an otherwise straight segment add further expense to the intelligence behind the snapper technology.

Remove unnecessary junction nodes

A junction node separates two segments from each other. This allows editors to apply different settings to each segment or connect multiple segments to form an intersection. Other essential junction nodes are found in three-segment loops.

Sometimes however, junction nodes that no longer serve a purpose are left on the map or are accidentally created by new editors, and should be cleaned up. Unnecessary junction nodes create an extra and unnecessary decision point in the snapper intelligence.


Remove excess geometry nodes

Geometry nodes are used to provide shape to segments. Some segments have unnecessary geometry nodes however. See the below example of a straight road that has many geometry nodes that do not provide value. newly uploaded file so it won't let me select it yet, grrr!