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Background for dual red-light/speed cameras

The advice to set the speed on dual red-light/speed cameras to zero seems illogical. However, it is based on practical considerations. The current Waze implementation provides NO warning for a dual camera if the driver is not exceeding the speed limit. After extensive discussion we decided to follow the UK lead, and set the speed to zero so that drivers always receive a warning.

UK Country Manager iainhouse said on 4 Feb 2019 "Note that we have been asking Waze for a change in the way the app announces combined cameras for about 5 years now, without result. Ideally, we'd like combined cameras to announce themselves as such - but until we get a change, this is the best we can do."

Brendan (LostInMyMaps) raised the issue again with Tamar in late 2019. The response: "Already flagged, [...] it's not a priority. They'll come back to it later when they've got some pipeline to work on new things". The developers also don't want to prioritise mobile phone detection cameras.

Average Speed Zones

Testing was conducted in August 2020 to determine if Speed Cameras and ASZ worked in combination with each other. It was shown that speed cameras did not give any prompts when approaching or exiting the ASZ. A test in a different location showed that a speed camera warning was given for a camera at the very end of an ASZ segment indicating camera placement may be important.

To avoid confusion and potential conflict the guidelines were updated to reflect the use of dummy cameras.