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Road Naming

Waze uses the main street name (as shown in the editor) in spoken and visible driving directions, for generation of road shields (if the name includes a route number), for some routing decisions, and for some address lookups. Waze will also use alternative street names for some routing decisions and some address lookups. To achieve the best result for all these purposes, the main and alternative names should be chosen as follows:

  1. If there is a route number, it should be included in the main name as described in Route Numbering (below). For example: “A1 – Pacific Hwy”
  2. The main name should be whatever is displayed on the majority of street signs. If a driver can match what they see on a sign with the instructions they hear, they will be less distracted. (The “Principle of Least Surprise”.)
  3. If the main name has a route number, the name without the route number should be added as an alternative name. For example, "A1 - Pacific Hwy" should have an alternative name: “Pacific Hwy”.
  4. If the road has other names, they should be added as alternative names. For example, alternative name: George St, where George St in a township has become part of the Pacific Highway, but is still used in local street addresses. This might also apply where a road name has been officially changed, but the old name is still widely used in addresses.

The order of alternative names is not significant. The use of a route number in isolation (e.g. “A1”) as an alternative name for route continuity is currently under discussion.

City Names

All navigable (not rail) segments should have the City name filled in, where it is known. See City Names on Highways.