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{{#invoke:Template translation|renderTranslatedTemplate|template=Template:Documentation subpage|noshift=1|uselang=⧼lang⧽}} This template provides a "clickable button" formatting style for text. This button is not clickable, and care should be taken when using it to avoid readers thinking the result may be. (It has an explanatory tooltip for users hovering over it, but that may not always be displayed, or only displayed after too long a delay, so that it may not show up to people trying to click it.)

If you need a clickable button, use {{Clickable button}}.


  • {{Button|text=button text}} produces button text
  • {{Button|text=button text|format=bold}} produces button text
  • {{Button|[[File:WikEd close.png]]|padTB=.1em|padLR=.1em}} produces CloseSquare.png

Alternatively, {{Button|button text}} also produces button text


This template will accept the following parameters, all are optional except for the text which does not need to be named.

  • |text=button text This is the text that will be shown in the button. This can also be used with the name as shown above by simply adding |button text
  • |padTB=.1em Set the padding for the top and bottom in em units
  • |padLR=.1em Set the padding for the sides in em units
  • |bgcolor= Set the background color of the button
  • |fomat=bold Use this to make the button text bold
  • |style= Use to add any CSS style codes

See also

  • {{key press}} – used to illustrate keystrokes

Add a non-functioning button to a page as an illustration

Template parameters

the text in the buttontext

no description

alternate method to add text to the button1

no description

background colorbgcolor

no description

use this to make text boldformat

no description

vertical padding in em unitspadTB

no description

horizontal (side) padding in em unitspadLR

no description

CSS style codesstyle

no description