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Ring roads

There are roads that could be classified by multiple street types. We think of ring roads (R-roads) which sometimes can also be a N-road categorized as Major Highway. For example, the ring road of Leuven, the R23, has long segments which are also N2 or N3. In these cases we categorize the ring road as Major Highway.

Ring roads which are also freeways, like the R0 of Brussels, are categorized as Freeway.


If you want to add a Roundabout, you firstly draw the roads as a normal crossroad, but don't connect the roads/segments. Secondly you draw the Roundabout and WME will connect the crossing roads automatically.

A Roundabout must always get a city name but never a streetname. The reason for this has to do with the navigation instructions and road announcements. A Roundabout always gets categorized as the type of the passing through road.

See the Roundabout page.

Shopping streets

Shopping streets only allowed for pedestrians (and cyclists) with the exception of certain hours loading/unloading, are defined as Non-drivable roads.