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Functional classification

The choice of the Waze road type is affected by many things, such as the physical attributes of the road, city size, traffic density, travel efficiency, regional conventions, routing continuity and of course the typical functions of the Waze road type. This can lead to quite different classifications for roads that appear similar, or similar road types for very different kind of roads. For example, a Primary Street serves as major road on short distances, and as feeder roads to the highway network. In practice, this means a primary street in a large city may have two or more lanes in each direction on a divided road, while in rural areas unpaved roads could be set as primary street or even a highway in WME, if necessary for routing. We call this Functional Classification. The various regions use different ways of classification, which will be described in detail on the road type specific page. An overview of the classification system is listed in the table below.