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Other drivable roads

Other drivable roads
Road Type Description Lock
 Off-road / Not maintained  Unpaved roads only drivable by a 4x4. For unpaved roads that are suitable for regular cars, better use another street type and check the unpaved box. read more 1
 Parking Lot Road  Streets on Parkings and through Gas stations, abbreviated in discussions to PLR. read more 1
 Private road  Partially accessible. read more 1
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   Ferry routes over water are taken into routing. read more 3-5
Below type is not default in the left menu, but taken from the menu Roads in the top bar
 = = Roundabout = =  The roundabout has special functions, and can be used in combination with all drivable road types. The road type to use is the highest type of the connected segments. read more lock from highest connection