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primary versus regular

I like that definition: using priority to label streets as "primary".  Roundabouts, crossroads with traffic lights and crossroads with other primary streets or highways would not be taken into account

designate as well as primary the streets used by public transport.  Hence primary = priority or used by public transport.

One of the benefits of "public transport" is that it makes a network, while we are not sure about "priority".

In Brussels, I propose adding as well as primary the "plus & confort" roads in the regional classification for trucks.

The official road hierarchy has only three levels, hence does not help identify PS vs Streets.

I would use PS for:

  • "priority roads"
  • roads used by public transport
  • roads classified as "plus or confort"  for trucks
  • + based on local knowledge


I suggest adding a warning against using restrictions instead of closures (restrictions being very attractive to level 2- editors).  There is a warning in the french translation already.

City names for roads and POIs: 

I believe we decided that, in Wallonia, the rule would be to use the name of the commune (town), except in "agglomerations", where we would use the name of the agglomeration, as shown on the road signals around the agglomeration.

I observe, in the region of Brussels, that we use the name of the commune (town), except in the town/city of Brussels, where we use the following names, probably in compliance with the postal codes: Brussels(1000), Laeken(1020), Haren(1130), and Neder-Over-Hembeek(1120).

This is the same everywhere. Kessel-lo(3010) is part of Leuven (3000) and shown separately.

Road names for roads:

  I see that, frequently, when road names include the road number, there is an alternate road name without the number.  Is that the case everywhere?  Is that a rule?

The road number is used to display the road shield.  The alternate to allow for searches.

Road names for POIs:

I believe the rule is to assign to a POI a road name without road number.

underground POI

except for parkings, any underground POI (possibly) having another item (POI, segment) above it must be recorded as a point, not as a zone. Waze accepts that parking POIs overlap with other items, nothing else.

Do not overlap two areas places, except if one of them is a parking place.

Do not map underground places as areas, except for parkings.