Enhanced TIO History

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Turn Instruction Overrides (Turn Guidance)

Turn Instruction Overrides (TIO) is a feature in the WME which allows editors to control the visible instruction and the verbal instruction given to the driver making that turn through a junction.

This allows controlling, for each turn:

- the text of the audible guidance (or disabling audible guidance)

- the display of the visual guidance, including road shields and exit signs (or disabling visible guidance)

This capability allows generating precise instructions, better aligned with the local signalisation.

When adding a road shield, you have to select it from a list. The list includes the road shields from streets visible on the WME screen, hence zooming out will show you more shields. Alternatively, you can temporarily assign a shield to a street, use that shield in the instruction, then remove the shield from the street.

It allows as well simplifying some segment names. Previously, some segments where artificially named in order to generate adequate instructions.

Please avoid using micro-dogleg (mDL), a technique previously used for altering the angle Waze sees at a junction, which affects turn instructions. The mDL technique can cause an incorrect positioning of the user on the map.