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Tools, Scripts, and Extensions

There are many tools developed by fellow editors which facilitate editing. Tools for keeping track of things, viewing information in an easy way, or adding extra functionality to WME. Note that with every update of WME, scripts and other tools might be broken and it may need time for the developers to adapt them to the latest code.

This page describes a selection of the tools, scripts and extensions that might come handy when you start using extra tools. Note that you should have a basic understanding of WME first so to understand the influence of a tool. The advice is to make yourself acquainted with one addition at a time, to comprehend the working well.


Extensions are pieces of program that adds functionality to WME via your browser.


Most used script manager, catalogs and automatically runs installed scripts it anytime any page for which it is declared is loaded by your browser. It's a necessity if you start working with scripts.

  • Available for Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera
  • Download


Tool Box

This script adds many features like highlight of level-locked segments, highlights of segments without house numbers, selection of segments or places using filters, measuring road length or places surface, copy segment attributes, delete expired restrictions, PermaLink creation without layers, and much more. Since 2015, the permissions to use the individual tools can be set per country.

  • Developer: originally written by OyyoDams. Further developed and maintained by a group: AlexN-114, BellHouse, davielde, doctorkb, dummyd2, giovanni-cortinovis and Sebiseba.
  • Install for Chrome or Firefox
  • Discussion on the forum in English and in French. Make sure to look for the thread with the latest version.
  • WME Toolbox Country Settings.
  • More info on Global Wiki with a description of all the features. Although outdated, it has some nice pictures with explanations.


Scripts are additional programs that changes or add features to the original WME. Best use them with Chrome. Firefox will also work, upgrading to newer version could be necessary. To use scripts, you need to install a script managing program such as as well.


WME OpenMaps script

Adds an overlay with available data from other allowed resources to the editor, such as the cadastre data (GRB, Gipod).


Starting out as a replacement for the Lock dropdown box in the menu, it now saves even more clicks and scrolling in the menu while editing.

Fix UI

Improves the Users Interface and provides other enhancements to improve the editing experience for editors, particularly those working on smaller screens.

Image Overlays

Adds an overlay in which you can display local images onto the map as background. This makes it possible to accurately draw roads that aren't available yet on satellite imagery with just a picture or screenshot.

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Junction Angle Info

Shows the corners at junctions, with a handy indicator of the probable turn-instructions.

  • Developer: Originally created by by milkboy. Further developed by several editors, amongst them AlanOfTheBerg, tkr85, berestovskyy, FZ69617, wlodek76. Currently maintained by seb-d59.
  • Download
  • Discussion on the forum page


Highlight map problems that can be detected by code, and suggests a solution. Highlights and possible solutions can be specified by country.

Send to Slack

Sending requests for (down)Locks, Closures & openings, and Validation of changes directly from WME to Slack.



Eases the input of speed limits.

Street View Availability

Whenever you drag the Street View marker in the map editor, blue lines indicating where Street View imagery is light up. Also the month at which the imagery is shown.

Tab Manager

WMEBR Filter for PURs

Filter for PURs that you can handle based on your level. To be used with the Problems Report Tool

Other tools

Polygon creator

Create bordered areas as "wicked" polygons (WKT format)

Problems Report Tool - WMEBR

Gives a clear overview with direct links to URs, MPs, PURs, Closures, Alerts, and Comments.

Personal Dashboard

Your personal statistics can be found in your account settings, by clicking on your profile icon in the top right of the WME menu bar, or use this direct link: Another informative page with your recent edits can be requested via the link<your name>.

BeLux Dashboard Reports

A community-led initiative to monitor various data sources for open tasks and issues





Overview of all scripts

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