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Functional classification

Rural highways

Major Highway


Major Highway is used for Highways designated as Provincial Trunk Highways, and that are not at Freeway standards. These Provincial Trunk Highways are numbered from 1 to 99 for mainline routes and 100 to 199 for loop/spur routes (only four currently exist).

Minor Highway


These Provincial Roads are numbered from 200 to 632. Some of these routes are gravel for part or all of their length, and should be marked Unpaved where appropriate.

Rural Municipal Roads

Township and range roads are maintained and signed by the local rural municipality. These roads should use locally signed names where available as the primary name. Names such as Rd 74 N can be used as an alternate name, or as the primary name when a specific road name is not known, or the road does not have a name. Unless specifically in a city, town or village, these roads should have "No City" selected at this time.

Township and Range roads are not highways and should be (at highest) Primary Street.