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This template is designed to be used to add rows to a table tracking FC upgrades by county.

It requires only two parameters at minimum, the county name, and it's upgrade status.

The template is designed to be transcluded enclosed inside a table.

{| border=1
Template goes here

For example



|- align="center" bgcolor="white" |COUNTY NAME |No volunteers yet |STATUS

But when enclosed in a table like this

{| border=1 

→It produces

COUNTY NAME No volunteers yet STATUS

It can change the color of the row if the status is set to one of these three options exactly |not started|in progress|complete|

It accepts up to six optional editor names, separated by a pipe (|). If no editors are added, it will display "No volunteers yet".

Example usage

{| border=1
{{FC/County|Kings|in progress|PesachZ}}
{{FC/County|Queens|not started}}
{{FC/County|New York|complete|pumrum|PesachZ}}
{{FC/County|Richmond|something else|pumrum|PesachZ|third|4th|fifth_Wazer|FinalShownWazer|not displayed above limit}}


Kings PesachZ (PM) in progress

Queens No volunteers yet not started

New York pumrum (PM)PesachZ (PM) complete

Richmond pumrum (PM)PesachZ (PM)third (PM)4th (PM)fifth_Wazer (PM)FinalShownWazer (PM) something else

There also an optional (recommended) parameter to include a date the row was last updated. This will help keep the information in the table current, and allow works to quickly see which counties may be stale. The "date" parameter is added after a pipe (|), and accepts any value. It should be used to enter the date the row was last modified.

If it is not used, the last cell is not created in the table for that row. So it should either be used for all rows in a table, or for none of them.

For example

{{FC/County|Monroe|in progress|joyriding|date=Aug '14}}


|- align="center" bgcolor="orange" |Monroe |joyriding (PM) |in progress |Aug '14

This template is optimally deployed in sortable wiki table. The top of table is formatted here with special wiki markup. There are two template options you can use here for this table. This code should be placed on the page where you want the table to be displayed, above where the individual row templates will be entered.

Option A) {{FC/Top}} which will produce a sortable table, with a caption, and all four columns County, Editor(s), Status, Updated.

Option B) {{FC/Topnd}} which will produce a sortable table, with a caption, and only three columns County, Editor(s), Status. The date column is not created in this table, use this option if you choose not to use the optional date= parameter.

Option C) Alternatively you can build your own table header using a variation on the following code.

{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1" |+ FC Upgrade Status by County (sortable) |- ! | County ! | Editor(s) ! | Status ! | Updated

The data for the individual rows using these templates are then added in the desired order here. Whichever order they are added in here will be the default order they are displayed in.

The data can be input here using one of two methods.

Option A) It can be isolated to a subpage, which can then be transcluded here. This method has the advantage of making it less daunting for a novice wiki editor to modify, as the only thing they'll see are the rooted of the table and any optional instruction notes you include. For example if the templates are isolated an stored on subpage /FC_table, you would put this code here to copy the data from that subpage into the table.

{{/FC table}}

Option B) Simply place the templates here, like this for example.

{{FC/County|Kings|in progress|date=07/14|PesachZ}}
{{FC/County|Queens|date=July 2014|not started}}
{{FC/County|New York|complete|pumrum|PesachZ|date=5/14}}
{{FC/County|Richmond|something else|pumrum|PesachZ|third|4th|fifth_Wazer|FinalShownWazer|not displayed above limit}}

And below where the templates will be added, on the line below the individual row data, you need this code to complete the table. This can be done manually, or also with a template.

Option A) Put the following template {{FC/Bottom}}

Option B) Put the following code |}

→This produces when used all together

FC Upgrade Status by County (sortable)
County Editor(s) Status Updated
Kings PesachZ (PM) in progress 07/14

Queens No volunteers yet not started July 2014

New York pumrum (PM)PesachZ (PM) complete 5/14

Richmond pumrum (PM)PesachZ (PM)third (PM)4th (PM)fifth_Wazer (PM)FinalShownWazer (PM) something else

Notice that the row for Richmond is missing the updated cell, this is because the "date" parameter wasn't included in that rows template. This is not recommended, either all rows ina table should use this parameter, or none should use it.

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