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Red Light Cameras


Red light cameras should be placed in the WME at their actual location on the map (often visible in the satellite imagery). The shutter should face the direction of travel, regardless of where the camera actually faces.

If a Red light camera installation monitors for Speed Limit Violations as well, be sure the speed limit is set as described in the Camera speed page.

Work Zone Speed Cameras


Work zone speed control systems are transient. The majority of the time work zones are not monitored by these systems, and so a permanent WME speed camera would be wrong more often than it is right. Therefore, WME speed cameras should not be marked for these work zone speed cameras, and they should be reported using app's own Police reporting feature. As most work zone speed cameras occur on major roadways, the Police report will be verified frequently.

School Speed Cameras


School zone speed control systems are transient. Counties move the automated systems from school to school, and even across the street. If a camera is consistently reported at a single location, it may be marked with a WME speed camera, but if the camera is missing more than 50% of the time it should not be marked on the WME map. This is especially true as school zone speed cameras only operate Monday thru Friday 6am to 8pm.