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These are my canned responses when responding to URs. I generally copy and paste them into the UR as appropriate, and then modify it slightly to match the UR content.

This list has been updated and imported into a script form. It is now superseded by the script version. The comments below are no longer being updated or tweaked. To see the updated list please install my custom comment pack from It is designed to be used as an add-on to the UrComments script by rickzabel (PM).

General error - no comment

Hi I'm a volunteer map editor trying to help you fix your problem with the map. Can you please tell me what needs to fixed here, thanks.

Can you please provide more details about what specifically the error that you reported was with Waze? Try to be as specific as possible, it will assist us in trying to fix the problem.

House number

Hi I'm a volunteer editor and I fixed the address location in Waze, but Waze also uses address locations from Google. To stop this issue from happening, please also go to Google Maps and report the issue there.

House number - google pin (long)

I checked the Waze map and corrected the pin placement here.

However Waze retrieves address and POI location from many third party sources as well (as you can the little icons at the bottom of the search results screen in the client app). These primarily come from Google, Bing, Yelp, etc., and when it uses these 3rd party sources it only gets the actual GPS coordinates of the location and not the correct street to attach it to. Waze therefore guesses which street to navigate to based on which is closest to the pin location. this sometimes leads to routing around the corner or the block behind where you actually need to be. Unfortunately we can't correct the information in the other sources, but you can go to those respective sites and submit an error report to them asking them to fix it. (You can tell if a search result is coming from Waze or Google by checking which icon is highlighted at the bottom of the client app, also the Waze results will NOT include a zip code, the Google results WILL include a zip code.)

For more information on this visit and

Turn not allowed - no comment

Hi I'm a volunteer editor and I'm trying to fix the map. Which turn is not allowed? Did Waze tell to make the turn which is not allowed?

Can you please provide more details about which turn is not allowed (from which street/direction, to which street/direction) so that we may try to fix the map. Thanks

No reply

I generally don't use this anymore, and just send the initial request again. Sometimes wazers don't receive the first comment, and this is frustrating to receive as a first response. I send the general request and then close after 7 days.

This report looks abandoned, without further details about what the error was, it will be impossible for anyone to fix it. This report will be closed as "not identified" if no response is received within 48 hours. Please help us to help you make Waze better by responding to this request for more information to help fix the issue you reported. Thank you!

Routed through toll road with ""avoid tolls"" on

Waze won't take a "long" detour to avoid a toll. which could be what happened to you.

For some more info see

If this is a route you take often, you could select a segment on the road you want to route over and add it as a favorite ( ), then add it as a stop when you are navigating ( ). This will force a detour to you stop point and bypass the toll road.

Complaint of detour with no incident ahead

This could be due to one or more of a few reasons. 1) Waze thinks there is traffic or an incident up ahead, and is trying to take you around it to save time. This traffic/incident may have already cleared up, but Waze will only know once people start driving through that segment at average speed. 2) Based on historical traffic data for that time of day, Waze thinks that the other route will be faster. The only way to fix this is by people driving both routes and teaching Waze what the correct average speeds on those roads are. If this is always happening at the same place, try and take the suggested route once, to show Waze that it really is slower. (I know it's a detour, but it will help everyone in your area.) 3) There could be a problem with the historical speed data in Waze, I'll look into that. 4) It may actually be a faster route. If you follow it once or twice (step 2) you can see for yourself.

If you followed these steps and it's still happening, please send us another report. Thanks for your time, and keep wazing.

Wrong directions - no comment

Hi Wazer, Thanks for reporting this issue. In order for us to try and fix the problem can you please tell us some more about it. 1) What did Waze tell you to do that you feel is inappropriate? 2) What is the better choice route? 3) Where did you start navigation from (point of origin, if you want you can be approximate)? 4) What was your destination (if you want you can be approximate)?

With this information we will try to replicate the problem and fix it in Waze, Thanks for your help. Keep Wazing.

Report about know bugs being investigated by waze staff

This issue has been escalated, and is being handled as part of a larger project by Waze staff. Thanks for the report, keep Wazing.

Report due to GPS snapping to wrong parallel rd

Unfortunately this is an issue contributed to by several factors including but not limited to poor GPS chip quality in our consumer electronics (phones), poor GPS accuracy due to interference and large buildings and structures, the way Waze 'snaps you onto the nearest road and resists changing that unless you deviate significantly away from it (further than from the service Rd to the main Rd), Waze assuming you are following the directions and your GPS is slightly off.

To correct it you can try a few things. 1. Tap the 'Navigate' menu > Routes and choose the best route. When it recalculated it may place you back on the right Rd. 2. Stop navigation (Navigate> stop) and then restart it to the same destination. When you are not in navigation mode Waze snaps back to your actual rd easier. 3. Exit the app (Navigate> power button), and then just open it back up. When it opens it should see you on the correct Rd and then a popup should appear along if you want to continue your last drive. Tap yes and it will resume navigation to your destination from the right Rd. 4) If the GPS location on the device itself is the problem (if it happens in other apps as well) try turning your GPS antennas off and on again. Make sure as well that your device has a clear view of the sky.

This is not a map issue, it is a client app issue. For more info please visit and the FAQ at

Thanks and keep Wazing

Report of Road Closure

Thank you for taking the time to report this closure, however in the future Please use Report>Road Closure from the app instead of Report>Map Issue, for current closures this provides instant notice to other drivers. This will also force the app to reroute you around the closure.

If the closure is going to last more than 24 hours from now, and you have the relevant details, and links to information about the closure, you can report the closure using the form at . Alternatively you can reply to this report, or send a new Report>Map Issue from the area with the details. Thanks