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The motto of of wikipedia editors is "be bold". But most of the waze wiki is a user manual and guide for waze map editors from all over the world. Changing information and guidelines while map editors or using it seems a little like changing the tires on their cars while they are driving down the road. It could cause accidents on the roads.

On wikipedia, editors edit first and discuss later, if there is any disagreement. On the waze wiki, we tend to seek consensus first and then make changes to the live pages.

What does this mean for waze wiki editors

Consider what kind of change this is:

  1. Is it a simple spelling or grammar correction?
  2. Is it a simple correction of uncontroversial information that "everybody" already knows?
  3. Does it add information provided directly by the waze team?
  4. Does it change guidance to editors?

Check what type of page this information will appear on:

  1. Your own user page -- you can do what you want
  2. A wiki page maintained by a State Manager -- work with the state manager
  3. A wiki page that applies to an entire country or group of countries -- work with the local wiki masters
  4. A global wazeopedia page -- work with the global wiki masters.