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{{Benelux Roads Header}}
The page is outdated, please visit the [https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/Benelux/Main_Page BeNeLux Wazeopedia page].
Parking Lot Roads are used for:
* Roads in Parking lots. (for large, small and single road parking lots)
* Roads through Gas stations
* Drive-Through roads
They must also be used for the entrance and exit roads connecting the above features to freeways or regular roads.
<b>Editing details</b><br />
Consider the following while editing Parking Lot Roads:
*Set the 'Parking Lot Road' road type in the left menu pane.<br />A Parking Lot Road generates a large penalty, to prevent thru-traffic in the navigation.
*Only enter the City name and no street name (check the "None" box). When the road has an official name, it can be entered.<br />Please don't use names like 'Parking Theater', in this way street names will not be shown multiple times on the map. The name of a Parking Lot can be added to a Parking Lot Place.
*Don't lock. Unless you think it is necessary to prevent unwanted use or modifications. In case of any doubt, please discuss it with the community.<br />
For details about creating Parking Lot Places, view the Benelux Places section about  [[Benelux_Places#Parking_Lots|Parking Lots]].
<b>Do not draw every segment</b><br />
Roads in Parking Lots are sparsely drawn, to prevent cluttering the map. The most important thing is that people can be routed to and from a parking lot. For small Parking Lots, a single road segment often suffices."
File:WME_ParkingLot_excessiveroads.PNG|<span style="color:#FF0000"><small><translate><!--T:7-->
Too complex</translate></small></span>
File:WME_ParkingLot_corrects.PNG|<span style="color:#008000"><small><translate><!--T:8-->
For large Parking Lots (for example at an event center), consider mapping only the following:
*Main entrances from the roads outside the parking lot
*Lanes that run along entrances of buildings
*Lanes that run along main roads outside the parking area (to separate different speed tracks)
*Large parking lot lanes that serve to get people from one area of the lot to another
<br />
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