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In some states ferries are the best way to get arround, they are hard to avoid. It is important to have them on the map but there are some guidline on when to add ferries and how to add ferries onto the Waze Map.

Ferries Definition: Ferries are large boats that carry cars (or people) from one ferry dock to another. Ferries normally have scheduled sailings and are run as a part of the highway system, but not always.

When to Add Ferries

Ferries are sometimes the best option or the only option to get to some places. But not all ferries should be mapped.

Ferries should be mapped if:

  1. You can drive on and drive off. (Passenger Ferries not mapped unless significant GPS trace's causing UR's, then mapped as Private Rd.)
  2. You can buy tickets whenever (pre booking ferries should not be mapped(or set to private))
  3. Ferry is accessible to the general public(no private ferries)

How to add ferries

Editor note: You need to be able to edit both sides of the ferry and preferably all the area in between. Some times its best to just take a ride on the ferry.

Step 1: Turn on GPS Points Layer Shift+G too see where the ferrys average path is.

Step 2: Add segment from end of loading ramp to the other. Permalink

Step 3:Name and label the new segment with No City and with the name of both sides of Ferry. Example: Bainbridge Island / Seattle Ferry. Road type should match whats on either side of ferry (never marked Freeway, Parking Lot, or Private). If ferry is apart of the highway system then it should be marked Minor Or Major Highway

Step 4: Add segments on loading ramp. These should have City Name field and "Ferry Loading Ramp" in name field. Should have same road type as ferry.

Step 5: Add Segment connecting loading ramp to the normal roads. This should be one way segment labeled with City Name and "Exit Route" in name field. Should have same road type as ferry

Step 6: Add Segment connecting normal roads to loading ramp segment. This should be one way segment. Should be marked tolled if ferry has a fee. Should be labeled with city name and "to Bainbridge Island Ferry". Should have same road type as ferry.

Here is and example of properly mapped ferry dock and corresponding ferry.

Suggestion on how to Map Ferries

Here is how I have made ferries:

  1. You need to be able to edit AT LEAST both ports. The entire area is preferable.
  2. Turn on GPS points. It seems like people like to leave Waze on in the ferry.
  3. Draw a road on the ACTUAL path the car would take.
    1. Have the road right up to the part of the dock where it would load.
    2. Draw the road using the GPS points to align with the usual path of the ferry in the water.
  4. Road type should be "Parking Lot Road" because, ferries are slow. If there is a "High-Speed" ferry, upgrade the road.
  5. Make sure the road is a "Toll Road" unless the ferry is free.
  6. Don't forget to use time restrictions.
    1. The first ferry of the day is when it should open.
    2. The last ferry of the day is when it should close.