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Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools is the primary page in its family. Other members are Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools/WME JavaScript development.

Currently there is an automatic redirection from 'Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools' to the 'Scripts' page. However, I'd like to insert an Android tool for color scheme editing into the 'Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools' page. For this, auto-redirection would be disabled. Are you OK with this? If not, where is the right place to describe the tool?

format goals

  • Present information in a consistent format across all script entries.
  • Avoid explaining for each entry how to load JavaScript extensions for various browsers.
  • Make catalog easy to scan.

Note: There is only one entry which uses Stylish (and perhaps that is all there ever should be), thus there is no independent (normalized) instructions for this.

I cannot use wiki links to some of sections. (talk) 08:44, 25 November 2015 (UTC)