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Ramps vs. At Grade Connectors

In general, we follow the global guidelines for At-Grade Connectors & Ramps.

A short summary:

At grade connectors used to connect a freeway with a major highway and a minor highway
  • Ramps in Waze should only be used for situations where two roadways have a grade separated intersection or if the situation matches one of the Exceptions listed.
  • Ramps are not very commonly used in Thailand. You will typically only find them where 2 roads classified as freeways meet (Federal 1-digit Highways, Motorways and Express ways).
  • Most other connections involving Highways (minor/Major) are formed using At Grade Connectors

Information on how to lay out ramps and set the proper angles from the main road can be found in the Junction Style Guide.

There are a few exceptions to the global rules that apply in Thailand follow:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2