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The goal of this page update is to clarify handling of the dirt road type in Illinois by revising the Special roads section of the Illinois wiki.

This information is under consideration for the Illinois state wiki.
It should not be considered official guidance.


Non-Drivable Roads

 |   |   |   |   | Walking Trails |   |   |   |   |  and  |  |  |  |  | Pedestrian Boardwalks |  |  |  |  |  are not added to the map in Illinois. Outside some special exceptions, these road types do not add to the routing function of the application.

Special exceptions may be made with the approval by State Managers. For example, a  |  |  |  |  | Boardwalk |  |  |  |  |  may be used to support house numbers in situations where they are not assigned to drivable road types. This use must be approved by a State Manager (refer to Area Managers table).

Dirt Roads

Illinois follows this specific guidance on the use of  Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail  in the state. This supplements the guidance in road types.

Unpaved roads may or may not be classified on IDOT Functional Classification maps. Unpaved roads classified in one of the arterial, collector classes will be mapped as specified in road types guidance. Local and unclassified roads will be mapped as shown in the following table:

Highway System & Road Surface
Narrow 2-way
Gravel Street[b]
examples CH-14 Main St Side St Farm Dr Farm Ln
Major Collector  PS   PS   PS   Dirt   Dirt 
Minor Collector  PS   PS   PS   Dirt   Dirt 
Local  PS   Street   Street   Dirt   Dirt 
Unclassified  PS   Street   Dirt   Dirt   Dirt 

^a A road in a county highway system always follows this column regardless of road surface.
^b A narrow two-way gravel road is defined as one less than 17 feet from edge to edge. This is less than the width of two FHWA minimum lanes. In all likelihood non-farm vehicles approaching from opposite directions would need to leave the roadway to pass.

 PS   Primary Street 
 Street   Street 
 Dirt   Dirt Road / 4X4 Trail 

To determine if a road falls into the "narrow two-way gravel road" road surface, measure the distance from edge to edge using by creating a temporary segment. Create the segment positioning the mouse cursor at the road edge at each side. Use the WME Meausurement Tool to measure the length of the segment without saving the temporary segment.

It is important to remember that the Waze routing server will only consider lower-priority roads (Primary Street, Street, Dirt) near the origin/destination (10km or 6.2mi).


This proposal is still being drafted prior to open discussion.