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Jughandles are commonly associated with {{RootPage2}} State and over the years have been referred to as a "NJ Left" or "NJJI". A Jughandle is a procedure at a signed (signaled) intersection, which disallows a Left or a U-Turn and instead uses a right hand "at grade ramp connector" to allow access off the main roadway prior to or after the intersection and a subsequent indirect turn from the connector or cross street. There are 3 kind of Jughandles in this State per the [http://www.nj.gov/transportation/eng/documents/RDM/sec6.shtm#jughandles| NJ-DOT]. They are:
Type A - Forward: The ramps exit on the right hand side and accommodate traffic turning both right and left.
Type B - U-Turn: The ramps allow a safe U-Turn as the driver will exit from the right. Used in absence of an intersection or at a T-Intersection. Commonly used for left turns as well.
Type C - Reverse: The ramps begin downstream of the intersection to the right and create a loop to meet the cross St/traffic signal.
{{Red|'''Note:'''}} Exit ramps which use local streets to enable this maneuver are NOT considered jughandles.
{{Mbox|type=important|text=The terms RAMPS and AT GRADE CONNECTORS as used above are simply referencing the NJ-DOT and should not be confused with the same terminology in Waze.}}
Any Jughandle which is unsigned with "Green Signs" aka. [[BGS| BGS/LGS]] or signed with BGS/LGS which only have the name of the connecting road, should be treated as a standard [[At grade connectors|At Grade Connector]]. Type: Lowest connecting routable segment. Name: NO name.
Any Jughandle which is signed using BGS which has a more than one name (street, community, POI) or not the direct connecting segment name fall under the exceptions for At Grade Connectors. Type: Ramp. Name: Match signage. In this scenario the "ramp type" will hide the name in the client, so adding any other relevant signage - white, blue, brown (- ie. All turns, U-turn, XXX State Park) is acceptable only after the wording from ALL the BGS is added.)
{{Red|'''Note:'''}}Type B jughandles that loop back to the road it departed should be cut into 2 segments, [https://www.waze.com/editor/?env=usa&lon=-74.86054&lat=40.46840&zoom=7&segments=84636122,84636123 | as shown in this example]. This will invoke detour prevention to prevent Wazers from being routed off the primary route through a jughandle.

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