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== Parking Lot Roads ==
=== The bad rap about PLRs ===
As you expand your edit areas, you will also likely expand the number of editors that you meet and interact with directly. You will see opinions in places like Waze Forums, Waze Map Editor [WME] Chat, and other communication platforms like Slack and Google Hangouts [GHO].
Some editors are of the mindset that Parking Lot Roads [PLR] are some how evil, and should be avoided at all costs in the most extreme viewpoints. This page hopefully will explain to you why they could not be further from the truth about PLRs.
The general anti-PLR thought process starts from a point of 'clutter'. PLRs can most definitely be over used, and that will create a very cluttered map, that is difficult to navigate through when using the Waze app or WME.
This does not how ever mean that PLRs should not be used at all, or as a last option. PLRs have as important of a role in Waze as any Freeway segment does.
YES, I said as important as a FREEWAY segment.
One of the goals of Waze is to provide [[Best_map_editing_practice#Parking_Lots|'door to door']] routing. Sending a user from 'door to the closest intersection' is as silly as it sounds. Users will not waste a second uninstalling Waze from their devices of they get dumped off in the middle of a busy road with out any clear direction to their intended destination.
=== When to use PLRs ===
=== How to use PLRs ===

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