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Update Requests in Waze Map Editor

Solved[edit] If you are able to identify a reason for the reported issue, and if you are able to fix the problem in the editor, fix the problem and save your changes. Then mark the update request as Solved. Not Identified[edit] For various reasons, such as lack of detail provided by the Wazer, or conflicting route vs. drive trace information, you may not be able to identify the source of the reported problem. In these cases, you should attempt to initiate a conversation with the reporter.

The resolution process / Etiquette Promote harmony between editors and the reporter, and improve the good reputation of Waze and its user community Promote harmony among editors and prevent conflict or duplication of effort Engage the reporter productively, efficiently, and courteously in the problem resolution process Missing information

There are many ways to overwhelm the reporter!

Non-responsive reporters without prematurely closing reports that could still be worked on, with resulting map or routing improvements.

Multiple editors take ownership vs shared ownership


Age of UR

Weekend Warrior

1) request more info / clarify as needed

2) wait 7 days

3) send reminder, with info the report will end up closed as Not Identified, if we don't hear from them

4) wait 7 more days

[Note: this reminder step and waiting longer is newer guidance we are using as a trial and will likely become the official guidance at some point based on results from it so far)

5) still no response - scan general area for worst / obvious issues - this is where you can apply best guess scenarios - find something that needs fixing in this area - look harder if you can't find something!

Always close a UR with a comment

Even if only to say it's being closed as NI

Avoid longer overly complex replies in UR.

Add closing comment encouraging user to send more URs when needed in future.