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Use the following checklist step-by-step to determine whether the "City" field for a segment should contain a name or be marked as "None":

Mailing Address for City field in Waze

NOTE: Mailing addresses alone are not a determining factor for filling in the City field; city limits are. For example, everyone who lives in Leon County has a "Tallahassee, FL" mailing address, but not everyone in Leon County lives within the incorporated city limits of Tallahassee. Most unincorporated county areas should have the City field checked as "None", unless they meet one of the following exceptions.

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Step 1 : Incorporated Municipality

Is the segment within a city on the list of legally incorporated municipalities below?

YES: Step 1a

NO: Step 2

Step 1a - Verify City Limits

Check if your segment falls within the city limits by using the appropriate state's mapping resources below

Is the segment Within the City Limits?

YES:Incorporated City Limits

NO: Step 2

Step 2 - Census Designated Place (CDP)

Click the image below for the state you are researching and scroll to the bottom. The list of places includes all Incorporated Cities and all Census Designated Places. You will find CDP after each Census Designated Place. DO NOT assume these boundaries are correct for Incorporated Cities. Only use these files to find the boundaries for Census Designated Places.

Is the CDP listed on the appropriate state's list?

YES: Step 2a

NO: Step 3

Step 2a: Determine Geographic Boundaries

The geographic boundaries of CDP's can be viewed from the links above by clicking on the correct county, or they can be overlaid on WME by following the presentation Overlay CDP's on WME by t0cableguy. The PDF's or the shapefiles provided by the website are the ONLY approved source for CDP boundaries.

Is the segment within a Census Designated Place listed below the state map in the links or files provided above?


NO: Step 3

STEP 3 - County Property Appraiser

If you look up a parcel for the segment using the appropriate Property Appraiser's website does it list the target name as a valid address?

YES: Step 3a

NO: Step 4

Step 3a: Determine boundaries of target name Try to determine the boundaries for use of that target name by checking subsequent parcels in the area or checking county GIS sites for your state provided below.

YES: Target Name

NO: Step 4

STEP 4 - Indian Reservations / Government Installations

Is the segment / place located on an Indian Reservation or Government Installation?

YES: Consult

NO: Step 5

STEP 5 - Other Place of Significance.

There are many other Census Designated Places and points of interest throughout the Southeast Regsion, but many are small. Does your target location have a major cultural significance (e.g. tourist attraction, county seat, travel milestone (e.g. Yeehaw Junction))?

YES: Consult

NO: No City

YES: Consult

NO: No CIty

Options for City Name Field

Incorporated City Name City Name Here.png

Segment is within an Incorporated City's Limits. Use the city name in the city field for the segment.

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Census Designated Place(CDP) CDP Name Here.png

Segment is within a Census Designated Place's(CDP) boundary. Please Use this CDP in the city field.

Do not use this as the city name if it is an incorporated city and the segment is outside its city limits.

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Use Target Name in City Field Target Name Here.png

Segment is listed in appraisers maps as the city name for multiple parcels. Please Use this target name in the city field.

Do not use this as the city name if it is an incorporated city and the segment is outside its city limits.

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Consult Regional Managment

Listing the name of the reservation or installation in the City field may be appropriate. If you think it may be beneficial to map, consult a State Manager or Regional Coordinator for more guidance.

Do not use this as the city name if it is an incorporated city and the segment is outside its city limits.

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No City

Segment is not within any of the possible city name options. Please check None for the city field. These aren't the droid's you are looking for.
City None.png

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The following flow-chart outlines the discussion from above:

Southeast City Field Flow Chart.png