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The Airport Place marks a well-defined area characterized by an aircraft landing strip or pad.

Area or Point

Airport places should be drawn as an area to the fenceline and should include all parking lots, and buildings that are a part of the same business. See the Parking Lots article for details on the best map editing practices for parking lots.

Stop Point

The stop point for airports should be placed on a street directly in front of the terminal as is standard for places.


With the implementation of Places multiple categories may now be assigned to an airport. The primary (or first) category must be airport.

Additional categories should not be used. A bus stop, metro station or restaurant may merit a separate Place (point).


The name of the airport should reflect its official name. Alternative names may include the name as the 3 or 4 character abbreviation or the name of the associated city.

Special cases

If the airport is on a military base


To prevent loss of data due to automatic acceptance of submissions from "trusted users," Airports should be locked to level 4, but preferably higher (5) in areas managed by area managers.