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This is a draft page for discussion and development of a Wiki page about mapping water features. The forum discussion about this is here.


Water features are one element that can be displayed on the Waze client. They are displayed from a Map Water Layer that cannot be edited. In addition, Area Places may be created that also display on the client with or without names. Water features appear below other edited features on the map like roads and Area Places.

There have been some locations where the Map Water Layer has inaccuracies including mapping water where it does not exist and omission of significant water areas.

In considering what water features to map with Area Places, we do not want to add unnecessary information to the map or information that would clutter the display. With that in mind, this guidance is provided to encourage a standard approach in using Area Places for water features.

Available Water Area Places

The following two water Area Places currently exist in the Waze editor.

  • Natural Features (category in Places)
    • Sea / Lake / Pool
      • Intended to be a still body of water or large body of water.
    • River / Stream
      • Intended to be a flowing body of water.