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State Manager (SM)

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Insert a brieg description of the Sate Manager (SM)

We have a new community role called: "State Manager (SM)" for the USA.


  • Be a level 4 editor (Preferably a level 5 to handle most requests)
  • Be endorsed by a Champ
  • Be active in the forums and chat
  • Read, understand, and have a working knowledge of the wiki

Rolls & Responsibilities

SM responsibilities will include the following, but are not limited to:

  • having editing rights in their entire state.
  • Making sure Unlocks/Updates related to their state are addressed timely.
  • Working with editors on issues that are related to editing and other issues as they arise.
  • Maintaining and updating a closures list / wiki (if necessary) for their state.
  • Maintain/Update/Lead the Waze Forum State Page.
    • They can monitor the forum, post updates, keep enthusiasm about state discussions going, and help keep the RC informed.
  • Help inform editors about existing policy and helps evolve that policy based upon their work within a state.
  • Identify key areas in their state.
  • SM will identify the good and the bad editors.
  • Keeping RC (and local Champ where available) informed with good and bad editors (Basically the RC's would like to get the SM's opinion on an editor)
  • Keeping an eye on newer editors throughout the state and educate them by mentoring them informally or formally.

How to become a State Manager

To become an SM, an editor must be endorsed by a Champ. The final approval/decision and rolls will be assigned by the Regional Coordinator (RC) for that state.

The SM position could be a mature Rank 4, although a Rank 5 would be preferable to best handle more requests. Also, this role is not the same as AM with a larger area. There is a much greater community involvement with this role. There could also be multiple SMs for a state.

If state is too small to have their own SM, then a neighboring SM would manage that state.