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Proposed first rewrite of the Adding a Hospital section:

Adding a Hospital

When mapping a hospital, first identify the grounds where it is located. Many major hospitals are located on extensive grounds known as campuses or centers. These property types may include many buildings and multiple parking lots. Other hospitals are just a single building with parking.

To ensure that the hospital grounds are mapped correctly, please only use information either provided by that facility's website or obtained by observation on-the-ground.

Place Point or Area


The general hospital building should be mapped as an area. This will show the name at the hospital location, aiding navigation.


These types of properties are mapped as areas, if needed. As with many large places, they should be mapped to the fence line of the property, including the parking lots.

Buildings on property

Often, large properties will contain buildings that house specialty clinics or individual medical practices. For these buildings, add a place point and ensure it is located at the entrance nearest to parking.

Parking Areas

These should be mapped with a point, and named according to the Naming section.

Mapping Emergency Rooms (ER)

Properly mapping a hospital's ER is very important for both routing and search results. The place point of the ER should be located at the public entrance of the ER. If the facility has a website map, it will usually indicate the location of the ER entrance.

In some cases, hospitals may operate emergency, or trauma, centers at locations other than the hospital itself, especially in rural areas across the US. These locations only serve one purpose; emergency care -- the entire building is an ER. In this case, map the building as an Area, and place the stop point at the patient entrance.

For the naming of the ER point, please refer to the Naming section