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<includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{{Align|}}}|left|<div style="float:left;padding-right:{{{Margin|10px}}}">|
{{#ifeq:{{{Align|}}}|right|<div style="float:right;padding-left:{{{Margin|10px}}}">|{{#ifeq:{{{Align|}}}|center|<center>|}}}}}}<table style="border: 1px solid #CCCCCC; font-size: small;text-align: center;"><tr><td align="center"><table style="border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;"><tr><td align="center">
The following links are entry forms used to contact Waze or Champs for help regarding specific issues or requests.
</td></tr></table>Click on this thumbnail to enlarge</td></tr></table>{{#ifeq:{{{Align|}}}|left|</div>|{{#ifeq:{{{Align|}}}|right|</div>|{{#ifeq:{{{Align|}}}|center|</center>|}}}}}}</includeonly><noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>
'''{{Red|NOTE:}}''' These forms should be used only for assistance pertaining to the specific issue or request of the entry form. If you need assistance with any issue that one of the forms here can not resolve, you can seek help in [http://www.waze.com/forum/index.php the Forum] or by [http://www.waze.com/support/question Contacting Waze Support].
====Advertisement Pin Corrections====
{{Anchor|Advertisement Pin Corrections (Obsolete}}
'''Note: New process released {{As of|2014|12|30|df=us|lc=yes}}.'''
If you find advertisment pins, in the app, that are wrong, either the location, name, or other details, they must be fixed by staff. You have two options;
* Make the adjustments to the place in WME ''(this will become a PUR regardless of your rank)'', and the Waze staff team will review it.
* Notify your local champ of the details, they can contact Waze staff directly. The Waze team monitors this so they can fix it, or report it to advertisers.
''Note: The old form [http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tF9Lo3TNNF5hVdTfVgi6c7eB5vjwl14A7-rR0e6cQRM/viewform?formkey=dGZ4UHc0dG8tbXk0b1FZczQtM0RkWmc6MQ Advertisement pins requiring corrections] is no longer active.''
Additional Info: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=34581#p933670 Incorrect Advertisement Placement Report Form]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Aerial Photograph Requests====
[http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=109167 Aerial Photograph Requests] <br>
A new program is being tested that links volunteer pilots with Waze volunteer map editors. The pilots submit aerial photographs of new and changing roads so that Waze users can have the most accurate and up-to-date driving navigation available.
Additional Info: [[Aerial_Photograph_Requests|Aerial Photograph Requests]]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Area Manager Application - USA====
[http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VZ04DK2UWST7wNBfOuiRI6fyZLkBh_BBo2nn3QtXvo0/viewform Application for US Area Manager (new or expanded)]<br>This form is intended for those who are already familiar with Waze map editing, the Waze wiki and the editing documentation it contains. Prospective editors should also be familiar with and already participating in the Waze forums. If you don't have this experience, we suggest that you take your time and become more familiar with editing the Waze map.<br>
Additional Info: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=645&t=45898 United States Area Manager Application]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Banned/Flagged Account Restoration Form====
[http://support.google.com/waze/answer/6086829?hl=en Flagged accounts]<br>Use this form to contact Waze if you believe your Waze account was wrongfully blocked.
<!-- Added 2014-11-26 -->
====Cities Form====
[http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jP38BrXfr9VUAk1V1D34MUZCuWPuuFr8LTrVNhR4W_8/viewform City Merge/Change/Remove Form]<br>Submit a request to Change City Name, Merge Cities, Delete City, Report Duplicate City & Smudged City. '''Note:''' There are 2 forms available to submit a request, please be sure to use the USA form for all requests in the United States, all others can use the All Requests Form.<br>
Additional Info: [[Smudged_city|Smudged Cities]]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Connected Citizens Program Form====
[http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-suA0OZZOMJq7d_CsCdDp_rVYbxz4yQdCiN4iDUhf-w/viewform?embedded=true Connected Citizens Program Inquiries]<br>The Waze Connected Citizens program brings cities and citizens together to answer the questions “What’s happening, and where?”  We exchange publicly available incident and road closure reports, enabling our government partners to respond more immediately to accidents and congestion on their roads. In turn, we aggregate our partners' data on the Waze platform, resulting in one of the most succinct, thorough overviews of current road conditions today.
With the addition of city data, Wazers will be even safer  on the roads and more knowledgeable about construction, marathons, floods or anything else that can cause delays. And for our government partners, publicly-available Waze data is a powerful tool to build more efficient cities. Real-time information from drivers is essential; no one knows more about what's happening in a city than the people who live there. In an era with smart phones, smart cars and smart homes, isn't it about time we start building smarter cities?<br>
Additional Info: [[Connected Citizens Program]]
<!-- Added 2014-12-17 -->
====Formal Mentoring Requests====
[http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1B3bvjTYsO1r5GOxaXB1x9nN0AG5bY7OZFv_6WJ12wm0/viewform Formal Mentoring Application Form]<br>Formal Mentoring in the USA is a one-on-one interaction between a Mentee and Mentor with specific objectives of increasing skill, editor level, and Waze Community participation. It entails a specific Mentee-Mentor pair who agree upon an objective, start, and end, this process needs a bit more coordination. It also requires commitment from both the Mentee and Mentor to complete the objective.<br>
Additional Info: [[Mentoring/Formal/USA|Mentoring/Formal/USA]]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Ghost Gas Stations====
[http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aYHF0nm5Uktb8P7glUD3HQvmjUzU0ckxTxiH0_GQgCI/viewform Ghost Gas Stations]<br>If you discover a gas station appearing in Waze that does NOT have an associated landmark at that location, then you can report it here for Waze to fix manually<br>
Additional Info: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=72421 Ghost Gas Stations]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Google Address Pin Adjustments====
[http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bpxf3n_c2c63oQzojwVX2PVohuMtiXLL9z6snld-Wyo/viewform Google Address Pin Adjustment]<br>Use this form to submit corrections to Google's Address Pin locations in Google Maps.<br>
Additional Info: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=622&t=104617 Google related address issues and Update Requests]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Major Traffic Events Form====
[http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=815&t=76775 Mega Traffic Events]<br>Use this form to share any major traffic event in your area, and the Waze team will make every effort to process the information provided. This form should only be used to report planned road closures, caused by major events.<br>
Additional Info: [http://www.waze.com/events Major Traffic Events (Waze)] & [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=815 Major Traffic Events (Forum)]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
==== Map Offsets in the Editor====
[http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=92201 Map offsets in the editor]<br>Use this form whenever you notice an area in the Editor, with aerial images that are misaligned with the existing roads.<br>
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Places outdated in Google appearing in Waze====
[http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=105736 Places outdated in Google appearing in Waze Search Results]<br>There is an ongoing issue regarding ‘Places’. In certain instances, search results display ‘Places’ that no longer exist. While these ‘Places’ do not exist on the Waze map any more, they are still in Google’s database. This causes search errors in countries where you get Google's results by default. We would like to fix this. Please submit examples of this issue to us using this form and we will do our best to correct it.<br>
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Report a Bug====
[http://support.google.com/waze/answer/6090951?hl=en Report a Bug] <br>
If you're experiencing crashes during navigation or any other bug, use this form to submit the bug to Waze.
<!-- Added 2014-11-26 -->
====Road Closures for All Editors - USA====
[http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oGINt4UEkBV0Par5VCingXzTZpJq9KjG8GbZpGqbRow/viewform Closures for All Editors - USA]<br>Use this form to report construction work closures and emergency closures. <br>
Additional Info: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=129&t=102605 Road Closures Form for All Editors]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->
====Unlock Staff Locked Segments====
[http://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dGlLcFd1V1dkZW41Y0lKMTJMaXZTUEE6MQ Unlock Staff locked segments]<br>When a segment(s) or object shows as locked by "Staff," no volunteer Waze editor can unlock or update this for you. The only way to get these resolved is to submit a Staff Unlock Request which is handled by Waze Support staff.<br>
Additional Info: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=622&t=45264 STAFF Unlock Requests]
<!-- Added 2014-10-19 -->

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The purpose is to provide an equivalent of the classic Thumbnail generated by the [[File:xxxx.xxx|thumn]] mediawiki syntax, but providing a way to go directly to the enlarged version of the picture without landing in the File page (with the versions, and all non-relevant element for the targeted purpose : get a wider picture)

|File=picture filename - mandatory
|Link=link to the enlarged picture - mandatory
|Size=size with the "px" suffix - optional, default value is 180px
|Align=left or center'' or right

About alignement:

  • left provide a floating-left picture, following text will start on its immediate right. If you don't want the "floating" feature, just ignore this parameter. The picture will be aligned left, in block mode.
  • right provide a floating-right picture, following text will start on its immediate left. If you don't want the "floating" feature, add a
    template just after this template.
  • center provide a block mode centered picture. No floating effect.


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