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<code><nowiki>{{User:Sebiseba/Template:MainMenu</nowiki> | ''Main category'' | ''width''}}</code><br />
<code><nowiki>{{Modèle:MainMenu</nowiki> | ''Main category'' | ''width''}}</code><br />
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Also is inclued :
Also is inclued :
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<code><nowiki>{{User:Sebiseba/Template:MainMenu| WME}}</nowiki></code>
<code><nowiki>{{Modèle:MainMenu| WME}}</nowiki></code>

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This is a documentation subpage for Modèle:MainMenu.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original modèle page.


{{Modèle:MainMenu | Main category | width}}


This template display the french menu. Main category are required.

width is in case of the menu is too short (not 100%) and the main title is not under the menu.

Also is inclued : {{Modèle:Top|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}

Main categories

  • WME
  • Droits
  • PremiersPas
  • Lieux


{{Modèle:MainMenu| WME}}