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Waze is growing fast in features and popularity. This is not a complete list of development areas, but should reassure you that Waze is aware of your concerns and is working to make things better.  
| type  = mail
| style = background: #CFECEC;
| text  = {{#if: {{{username|}}}
    | {{{username}}} peut être contacté par <!--
-->[http://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&subject=A%20Wiki%20Question&username={{{username}}} message privé].
    | {{BASEPAGENAME}} peut être contacté par <!--
-->[http://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&subject=A%20Wiki%20Question&username={{BASEPAGENAME}} message privé].
'''Current development focus includes:'''
* Upgrading the worldwide infrastructure to allow Waze to support the growing number of users while making the service more reliable
* Bug fixing
* Integrating features to generate revenue for Waze
* Releasing feature equal clients for Android and iOS
* Adding the ability to search for location by UK postcodes
* Supporting correct routing of authorized veichles on [[Carpool, HOV, Transit lanes]]
* Implementing a web interface to allow editors to immediately close streets for a specified period.
'''Recently completed:'''
<!--* Making the Android version stable //Is not recent anymore -->
* Upgrading the [[Banks of Servers|World servers]], which has increased the reliability and speed of [[Map Editing (new Editor)|editing maps]]
* Improved the routing in areas of Private Roads and Parking Lot roads
* ASR (Automated Speech recognition)
* TTS (Text to Speech voice guided turn-by-turn instructions that announce the street names for upcoming turns) in multiple languages
* Gas price integration
* POI category search
* Toll Road avoidance
* Time of day turn restrictions
* Time of day road directionality changes
* Implementing road blocks and road closures

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PrivateMessage peut être contacté par message privé.
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This template provides a private message link to a username. It is designed to go on user pages.


Place {{PrivateMessage}} on a user page. When on a user page, it will automatically identify the username to be used in the private message link. The subject of the private message will be populated with "A Wiki Question" and can be changed in the Private Message

Alternately, the following optional variables can be used to adjust the generic message:

| username    = user name for the private message



Optional parameter listing the user name for the private message. When the template is placed on a user's page, this parameter is not required. It can be used to create a private message link to a user when the template is not on the user page.

Currently if a user name has a space or underline in the middle of it, it has to be manually entered with the username parameter using an underline character. In theory this may be able to be fixed in the template itself.


{{PrivateMessage}} will generate the following on FastWazer's user page:

FastWazer peut être contacté par message privé.

{{PrivateMessage}} will generate the following on any page:

FastWazer peut être contacté par message privé.

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No category is added to pages with this template.

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